The renowned UK Based Architectural & Interior Design Firm Lewis & Hickey reinvents the new experiences for the legendary brand and its customers.

Mumbai, India: Foam Home, a pioneering name in the mattress industry with over 40 years of excellence, welcomes architects, interior designers, and home enthusiasts across the city to their much-awaited store relaunch. The brand’s landmark Tardeo store adorns a contemporary layout that merges the brand’s passion for innovation and quality with the exceptional design sensibilities of award-winning UK-based architectural firm - Lewis & Hickey.

While the brand is known for its exceptional products and service, this revamped store promises a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that goes beyond traditional mattress shopping. Customers will have the unique opportunity to indulge in luxury bed sets meticulously laid out for them to experience firsthand the comfort and quality of Foam Home's extensive range of mattresses. The store's innovative approach allows customers to lie down, relax, and truly understand the individual comfort levels offered by each mattress.

With a wide range of mattresses on display, including High-Density Foam, Memory Foam, Gel, Latex, and their globally patented Ergoshell mattress technology, Foam Home offers a comprehensive selection tailored to meet the diverse needs of different individuals. The expert staff at the store provides personalized consultations, guiding customers toward selecting the ideal mattress that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements.

“At Foam Home, we hold strong values on creating an unforgettable experience. Being in the mattress industry, this is especially important for us as every single person has a unique preference when it comes to having a great and comfortable sleep. While we did have our store design focused on catering to this experience, we thought it was time to reinvent how customers were interacting with the space and our products. We wanted to add drama to the customer journey, and change the pace and key focal points, and who better than the experts at Lewis & Hickey to carry that out for us. Since we've been a legacy brand, the design work had to strike a perfect balance between being familiar yet upgraded”, shares Ms. Sabina Bhanpurawala - CEO & Marketing Director of Foam Home, India.

Experiential Retail At Its Best

Since its launch back in the 1970s, Foam Home has not only been known for its innovative mattress but also for its attention to detail and world customer service. The brand started as a local mattress refurbisher and soon went on to become an industry expert in manufacturing and launching multiple innovations that give you the best and most comfortable sleep. Over the years, it has gained an unmatched reputation not only in India but world over. In 2017, Foam Home developed its own unique method for making mattresses, which has earned it over 20 global patents and established itself as a dynamic brand offering unique products and sleep solutions. 

What’s even more interesting is that every mattress is meticulously crafted in their state-of-the-art facility in Taloja, Mumbai, which boasts cutting-edge machinery and adheres to world-class European standards, processes, and materials.

For a brand this legendary, the concept created by Lewis & Hickey had to be a nuanced one. Mr. Brijesh Kanabar, Managing Director of Lewis & Hickey’s Mumbai Division shares, “Foam Home, is a well-established family business catering to the mattresses segment and approached L&H with their vision to transform into a distinctive and pioneering mattress brand. Looking to expand their market share and outreach, the brief was to create a powerful store design incorporating international retail branding design and meticulous detailing to create a stimulating customer experience. For us at L&H, this project was an exciting one and gave us the opportunity to shape Foam Home’s future business through retail design.”

One of the critical and environmentally conscious aspects of the store design was the integration of sustainable lighting solutions. This was smartly incorporated to create innovative and mesmerizing multiple-level lighting effects. By skillfully playing with light and shade, the store enhances the overall aesthetic, drawing attention to the impeccable design quality while simultaneously providing an enticing and immersive sensory experience. Mr. Kanabar further emphasizes the importance of sustainable lighting, by sharing, "The strategic use of light and shade not only elevates the visual appeal of the store but also highlights the meticulous design craftsmanship, offering an additional layer of sensory allure. We also want to add the carpet experience - the idea behind it being that we wanted to create a clean, hygienic and warm space where the customer completely felt at home.”

With Foam Home's exceptional product line and Lewis & Hickey’s retail design, the new store exemplifies its commitment to delivering unparalleled quality, innovation, and design. Customers can drop in and explore the extensive range of mattresses, immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance, and witness firsthand the brand's dedication to crafting scientifically sophisticated sleep solutions. The new store marks a new chapter in the journey of the brand, and this is the first of many more to come.

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