There’s no sector or industry that doesn’t need a digital marketing strategy. Real Estate is another sector to that is poised to gain big. After working with several leading property developers in India, we bring to you this definitive guide to Real Estate Digital Marketing in 2021. We will cover interesting insights on what works, what doesn’t and where the industry is heading, when it comes to digital marketing for the Real Estate Sector.

Did you know that 33 percent of the buyers who are buying for the first time are researching online for properties? These statistics throw light on the significance of a well-thought out online or digital presence for the real estate industry. As Said by Arosh John, Founder & Chairman of John Real Estate,. It is well-accepted that gaining success in any business, more so for the real estate sector, it is essential that there is a strong digital marketing plan in place.

Virtual Tours

Given the challenges brought by COVID-19, conducting home tours in person became risky and impractical. Instead of putting everyone’s life at risk, many realtors now carry out virtual home tours. Doing so allows prospective buyers to examine the properties in the comfort of their homes. This helps narrow down the search for homes without having to set our several hours for tours.

One can utilize different social media platforms or opt to utilize augmented technology to make these virtual tours possible. These video marketing strategies boost the exposure while protecting ourselves and our clients. Virtual home tours are expected to be the trend for the rest of 2021 and probably the years to come. They offer potential buyers to view the home and have a basic idea of the house before the initial contact.

Social Media Marketing

Since most of us stay home now more than ever, social media platforms have become more versatile — either for school, work, or entertainment. The same with real estate agents. People looking to buy or sell their properties would browse the internet to find reliable real estate agents and the available homes they are sharing.

Using different social media channels, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, can build your brand and boost exposure. Maximize the power of social media by producing catchy and viral content and leveraging social ad campaigns. This real estate trend will likely continue throughout 2021, so we need to quickly adapt to this fast-paced real estate market.

Content Marketing

If you want to cut down on your expenses, especially since the pandemic has brought us inevitable economic challenges, you can focus on another digital marketing trend this 2021: content marketing.

As real estate agents and property owners, it is important to keep seeking real estate marketing ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but are still effective. That means exploring new marketing strategies like content marketing. Real estate internet marketing services can offer a window into an affordable way to share and view houses for sale.

With this type of marketing, you just need to focus on producing or repurposing content through Blogs, Webinars, YouTube videos, Facebook or Instagram stories, and several other platforms. Utilizing these channels helps you share valuable insights with potential clients and build your authority.

Community Service

The corona virus pandemic has left so many people jobless and businesses closed. That is why every effort or outreach — no matter how big or small — would be appreciated by local communities.

Real estate agents who have the means can give back to the community by helping out the less fortunate through volunteering or donations. Potential clients would always pick competent real estate agents. However, it’s a great plus if they see agents actively involved in the community and going the extra mile to help other people.

With such a reputation, you can build credibility and trust, send a positive message, and expand your customer base. These charitable causes are expected to be the trend in the real estate market in 2021.

Keep Up With the Changing Real Estate Market

Virtual home tours, social media marketing, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies are changing the real estate world in 2021. Knowing these trends helps you plan and adjust your marketing strategies to keep up with the fast-moving real estate market.

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