The government's approach to strengthening the university system and concentrating on the training and skill development of teachers is a positive step. Implementing new educational training techniques, facilitating curriculum transitions, supporting ongoing professional development and ICT execution, and establishing an additional 30 Skill India International Centers are some of the positive features of the budget announced this year. These skill sets in Indian institutes will provide global initiatives in mechatronics, artificial intelligence, drones, the Internet of Things, and soft skills development. The emphasis is on improving vocational courses, which leads to overall growth and development.

While the primary focus is on recruiting a large number of educators and developing a sustainable teacher training program, empowering them with multilateral abilities will help enhance the educational quality in Indian schools. Recruiting teachers and upskilling them with the right skills remains a top priority, as they can instill competitive abilities and knowledge that will help develop industry-ready students in India.

The major announcement was the establishment of a National Digital Library for Children and Adolescents to foster a reading culture and compensate for pandemic-era learning loss. The digital library will provide access to high-quality books across regions, languages, genres, and levels, as well as device independence. Financial sector regulators and institutions will be motivated to provide reading material for these library resources in order to instill financial literacy.

The budget is indeed going to give further and much needed fillip towards bringing about changes in the education sector.

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