Russell Flick, Director

Founded on the three guiding principles of professionalism, customer satisfaction, and ethics, Qualitas Property Partners strives to be the nation's top provider of property services.

Their property specialists are supported by a wealth of industry knowledge, ensuring that customers are in the best possible hands.

The importance of a client's pleasure is acknowledged by Qualitas.They pledge to collaborate with the customers to deliver a high-quality, customised service while maintaining competitiveness and value for money.

Steady Expansion Since Inception

They continue to devote a substantial amount of time and money to the enhancement of business operations and the continued professional development of their staff because they are committed to continually expanding their knowledge and skills in the sector.

The partners at Qualitas Property are experienced in offering top-notch property management and maintenance services. Since its establishment in 2010, they have experienced steady expansion in the sector and are currently in charge of managing and maintaining a sizable portfolio of multi-unit residential and commercial complexes throughout Ireland. Their exceptional professional management style and established track record of client satisfaction can be credited for their quick expansion.

Qualitas provides a hands-on type of service as a cohesive team of experts. Customer satisfaction is Qualitas' first priority. To create customised solutions, they collaborate closely with their clients, ensuring that their essential criteria are addressed while attaining competitiveness and value for money. At the crux of all their operations is their commitment to delivering best practice industry standards.

Providing professional skill and labour intensive services

Property Services need a high degree of technical and professional skill, as acknowledged by Qualitas Property Partners. Over 70 years of expertise in the real estate market are brought to the table by their committed team of property experts.

Qualitas was established with the intention of offering  clients customised, high-quality solutions . They offer hands-on service as a close-knit group of property professionals. A member of their management team conducts proactive inspections on a regular basis to closely monitor the work in order to spot possible problems promptly and fix them. According to Qualitas, effective communication is a crucial element of customer satisfaction. They cultivate intimate working relationships with clients built on a foundation of dedication and trust.

Qualitas pledges to offer the best market price without sacrificing quality or customer service. They understand that value for money is crucial in the current economic context.

A fundamental foundation concept of Qualitas, ethics has served as the backbone of all business activities. They work hard to uphold industry best practises standards, to be honest and accountable, and to always behave in line with all applicable laws.

Qualitas takes pride in the calibre of its workforce.With more than 15 years of expertise in the field, their talented team of property managers is well-equipped to provide premium management services at the most affordable prices available. They work hard to offer clients a high-quality service that is based on professionalism, industry expertise, and accuracy in all aspects of their business.