RSM Design Solutions is a 10-year experienced Facade Consulting Company with HO at Mumbai. The mission of the company has always been to provide Sustaining, Performing, Cost Effective, and Structurally stable building envelopes. The mastermind behind RSM is Rakesh Morudkar, who has a rich and vast experience of 20 years in the Façade industry. His interest in design and detailing and thirst for knowing new things – concepts, designs, materials etc. in the Façade field, has kept himself abreast of latest developments. Having worked abroad – UAE for nine years, Rakesh returned to India with a vision to implement the latest in Façade developments.

Today, RSM Design Solutions holds an experience of handling 90+ projects out of which 75% is already completed, covering an area of 2 million square meters. Rakesh adds, “Our USP is detailing in design and drawings with no compromise on structural stability and reduction in project cost, which has resulted in bagging repeat orders from existing clients and new orders owing to services offered and word of mouth”.

Rakesh Morudkar

Client-Centric Projects

RSM emphasises on optimising and suggesting best systems and material with no compromise on quality and following the architect’s intent. Every project is detailed and deliberated by a team of professionals with a personal touch, understanding the needs of the clients, architect, and PMCs. RSM maintains a well-equipped library and data on materials and elements for attending the ever-changing needs of clients and architects. Some of RSM’s clients include Owners/ Builders/ Developers – consultancy and guidance in selecting appropriate and economical systems for the project/s, Architects / PMC – aiding / assistance in preparing Facade details and detailed tender specifications for the project/s, and Specialist Facade Contractor – providing complete design and development and planning schedule for the entire project. Furthermore, its projects are not only present in India but also overseas.

RSM Design Solutions proudly presents its portfolio of services including Façade Consulting Services, Façade Engineering Services, Façade BIM Services, Complex Glass & Metal Special Structure Design Services, Façade Project Management Services, Façade Audit for Existing Projects, and Façade Retro Fitting Design Services. The scope of these services include but not limited to Concept Drawings, Tender Drawings, DBR – Design Basis Report, Pre-tender Services, Tender Drawings, Tender Document, BOQ, Project cost with Options, Façade Vendor Selection and vetting of shop Drawings, Structural Calculations, On-site inspection, Periodic Site Visits, Witness water Testing and other tests – Submit Visual inspection Report, and Snag List Preparation and Hand over of site.

Quote: Our USP is detailing in design and drawings with no compromise on structural stability and reduction in project cost