Launching India’s First Break-Through Innovative Medical Device Technology, Instashield - an CCMB approved virus attenuation, which disables all kinds of virus including SARS-CoV

Mandaji Narsimha Chary while the innovation

New Delhi, April 5, 2022: We are all living in challenging times due to the on-going pandemic and has poised serious health issues around the world. Researchers including Virologists and WHO itself believe that coronavirus is pandemic and have warned that the world would have to live with it forever. A lot of researchers have put in efforts to find ways to control the virus through vaccines and other measures but these all are not sufficient and do not have a high efficacy rate. Understanding the need for a safe alternative, Narishma Chary Mandaji, a rural innovator who is known for re-glowing the dead tubelights, after extensive research and experiments, has come up with a technology which is capable of killing all sorts of viruses including the SARS-CoV. His technology has been imbibed in Instashield, a break through innovative Medical Device, which uses first of its kind CCMB approved Virus attenuation technology that disables all kind of virus including SARS- CoV2) up to 99.9% efficacy in an enclosed space, in air, and on the surfaces.

Instashield is a plug and play device that delivers the necessary signals to the electron emitters producing hypercharge high velocity electrons, which interact with the negative seeking s-protein of the corona family of viruses, thus, reducing infectivity and preventing air and surface borne transmission of the corona family of viruses. Its hyper charged cannons fire trillions (1-100 trillion electrons per second) of negatively charged ions, creating an electron cloud across closed spaces. A single device has an effective coverage area starting 5,000 square feet and activates within 18 minutes of time. Instashield Medical Device is a Patent Technology backed by science and has received support from TSIC, ARCI and is an accredited lab tested and certified by CSIR-CCMB and other labs like EMTAC, Vimta, with CE for exports CDSCO, ISO 13485:2016, thus ensuring that it is 100% safe for humans and environment. The brand is registered with MSME, Start-up India and GEM portal with Go green as a sustainable product.

Talking about Instashield, Hitesh M Patel, Founder & Director, Instashield says, “As per the WHO reports SARS-CoV is pandemic and our lives will be with it forever. Hence, we need an alternative which has no side effects and has the maximum efficacy to kill any sort of virus. Thus, the technology created by Mr. Chary is a perfect fit in the current and coming times. Therefore, we thought of investing in the technology and giving it a form of a physical product, called Instashield, that can be used at multiple places such as Schools, Colleges, offices, Banks, Hospitals, Clinics, conference rooms, etc. We intend to take Instashield in the domestic as well as global markets”.

“Since last 2 years, there has been a peak and low in the on-going Coronavirus threat and is rapidly evolving mutations like Alpha, Gamma, Beta, Delta, Omicron, Delta Plus and recently

the WHO has stated that the new COVID-19 variant dubbed Deltacron has been circulating in parts of Europe, USA, China, which is shortly expected to hit other parts of the world including India. And before it takes a serious turn, Instashield, a disruptive medical device, made in India, can save many lives across the globe”, adds Patel.

Hitesh M. Patel, Promoter & Director, Instashield with Mandaji Narshima Chary, the rural innovator behind the technology of Instashield

Narsimha Mandaji Chary, the innovator said, “From the time SARS-CoV hit the world, I had been relentlessly working on building a technology that can fight this as well as other viruses. I am happy that my efforts have now taken the shape of a  divine technology which is now finally going to be of use to mankind”. 

About the Innovator: Mandaji Narsimha Chary

Instashield innovator and founder Shri. Mandaji Narsimha Chary to his credit has a lot of accolades and achievements with Patents to his credit. He was to develop and he has developed a formulation of Re-Glowing of filament less light without choke and starter. He also has also developed a filament-less UV-C technology to neutralise and kill SARS-CoV2. With the same formula he has developed Electron based negative ions Technology and has IPR. He has been a recipient of National and International awards and covered by BBC and Discovery channel.

Hitesh M Patel, Promoter and Director, Instashield

Hitesh has over 20 years’ experience in Private Equity Placement and has raised more than USD 50 Million by way of Private equity placement, IPO, Merger etc. He provides key strategic inputs on strengthening the business model of portfolio companies. He brings in a unique perspective of understanding the value drivers across Industries and at the same time has first hand understanding of the challenges faced by Start-up, small and mid-size companies as they scale the businesses.

About Instashield

Instashield India Private Limited, a company registered in Hyderabad (Telangana) India as a Private Limited entity in August 2017. It envisions developing and delivering world class health care Medical Device Technology products at reasonable prices for higher accessibility and affordability to the market.

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