You could have a brilliant business idea, perhaps a game changing one that you know will make a breakthrough and bring great success. You also have the drive, the passion, and spirit to make it happen. But where do you begin, and how will you figure out the next steps? The process of running a business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating the legal and financial aspects of it. This is where ServPRO comes in – a single solution for professional services that can help you establish a solid foundation for your business, while ensuring compliance with local and international regulations. From Audit & Assurance to Corporate & Legal services, ServPRO has a wide range of offerings to help businesses of all sizes and types.

A Cyprus-based firm, established in 2011 that offers a comprehensive set of services that includes accounting, audit, legal, and business consultancy services. Today it is a go-to partner for foreign investors and international business companies wishing to establish their cross-border business in Cyprus and in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

ServPRO was founded with the intention of assisting clients to withstand any challenges and successfully lead their business into the future. The firm employs a team of highly skilled professionals who possess the requisite domestic and international expertise, allowing the firm to deliver an extensive range of superior professional services to its clients.

The firm’s clientele comprises of high-net-worth individuals, global businesses, and a selection of other types of organizations. ServPRO's services are designed to maximize clients' benefits and contribute to their business growth with a high level of professionalism, client care, and confidentiality.

Evolution through the Years

In little over a decade, ServPRO has emerged as a preferred choice for business with quality that exceeds the boundaries of the local market, as well as a single point of contact for foreign investors, corporations, and individual clients who wish to avoid the hassle of searching for professionals at various places and firms. Petros Theodotou FCCA, Founder & CEO shares, “12 years ago, I was inspired with the idea to establish a firm with the objective to offer high-level services in a wider professional field in the form of a One-Stop-Shop. I felt that the missing link to providing all high-level services, was the ability to establish a team of professionals with the capability to do so. This could be of particular importance for foreign investors and international organisations to setup and operate in Cyprus with all the support and professional services needed from a single point of contact without the hustle of searching for professionals at different places and firms. This is how ServPRO was born, with a Vision to redefine excellence and be the ultimate choice and a Mission to offer world class professional services that exceed client expectations and cultivate a preferred working environment for its team members. Now, our firm further provides Corporate and Legal services, and all our clients feel that they have a partner who can help them navigate any challenge in relation to running their business. A service provider they can trust.”

The Founder adds, “Despite the unstable economic climate that was prevalent during the foundation of our firm and thereafter, we are proud to have achieved year-over-year growth and expansion into new and emerging markets.”

Looking further the firm’s goal for the current year 2023 is to continue providing solid advice and support to its clients to assist them in overcoming the consequences of the current difficult economic environment characterized by high inflation rates, increases in raw materials and other operating costs, and the international banking crisis. Furthermore, ServPRO plans to expand into other markets, focusing mainly on the Middle East, as well as promote Cyprus as a technology hub and a relocation destination for startups as well as for headquarters.

A Wide Range of Services

ServPRO offers a wide range of professional services that includes structuring clients' operations in a tax-efficient manner, while ensuring their compliance with local and international laws and regulations, taking advantage of the tax incentives, benefits, and exemptions available, and obtaining residence and employment permits for EU and non-EU nationals and their family members, including Digital Nomads.

The firm also provides incorporation of companies in Cyprus and other jurisdictions with a comprehensive and customizable package, establishing other types of legal entities such as partnerships, branches, and franchises, and assisting in their operations. ServPRO also provides ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services and preparation of financial statements in compliance with the local requirements and in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

In addition, ServPRO offers audit and assurance services in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA's), VAT and indirect taxation services, corporate and personal wealth management, and business advisory services. ServPRO also provides offshore bundled services in the UK, the Seychelles, the BVI, and Delaware.

In the sphere of International Trusts, Family Estate Planning, Inheritance & Succession Planning, ServPRO leads the way. The firm carries valuable practical experience and established expertise that spans for over a decade which includes the establishment of international trusts, securing confidentiality, ensuring asset protection, utilizing tax benefits and maintaining a sustainable income.

Unique from the Rest

What sets ServPRO apart from other firms in the industry is its commitment to excellence and a set of strong values such as dedication, responsibility, education, accountability, and motivation. ServPRO takes pride in fostering a balanced client-first and people-first culture.

The firm recognizes that each client is unique and important and, as such, ensures that its services are tailored to meet each client's specific needs. ServPRO's team of professionals possesses a wealth of experience and expertise that enables them to provide clients with the advice and solutions needed to establish solid business foundations.

Information technology plays a vital role in ServPRO's ability to provide its clients with top-quality services. The firm's use of modern technology enables it to streamline its processes and provide more efficient services to its clients. ServPRO's success can be attributed to its commitment to delivering services of exceptional quality that exceed clients' expectations, utilizing its business acumen and established expertise.