Indulge in the Elegant Artistry of Millets at Seven Kitchens, The St. Regis Mumbai on Sunday 16th July, 2023

Mumbai, July 2023 – In the heart of Mumbai's glamorous landscape, where opulence meets culinary finesse, The St. Regis Mumbai presents a brunch experience that transcends the ordinary. Get set to embark on a gastronomic journey with the Master Chefs of the best address.

The Master Chefs embark on a farm-to-table journey, which embodies their commitment to sourcing fresh, local ingredients directly from the farm and bringing them to the table for an exceptional dining experience. Their journey began by establishing strong connections with local farmers, understanding their sustainable farming practices, and selecting the finest produce. To further enhance their mission, they have thoughtfully curated a unique and eco-friendly experience for their guests: plantable paper. This special paper, made from basil seeds, not only serves as a medium for communication but also possesses the remarkable ability to sprout and grow into plants when placed in fertile soil enriched with manure.

Millets are celebrated for their nutritional value, their role in sustainable farming practices, and their ability to support local communities. This unique collaboration reflects The. St. Regis Mumbai’s commitment to promoting local and sustainable ingredients. From the exquisite nuances of Indian Cuisines to the vibrant Mediterranean palette, the bold Asian flavors, and the authentic farm - to table creations, guests can expect an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

Indulge in the culinary wizardry of Chef Santosh, the Executive Pastry Chef, as he crafts exquisite desserts like Millet and Peach Cobbler and Millet and Honey Granola Bars that highlight the inherent sweetness and delicate crunch of millets. Discover the enchanting fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines as Chef Kinyo expertly combines millets with exotic ingredients to create an innovative and harmonious experience. Indulge in dishes like the Millet and Quinoa Stuffed Avocado, Seafood Ceviche, and Millet Vegetable Causa amongst others. Chef Raymond from By The Mekong, also takes you on a journey through Asia presenting millets in a range of Asian delicacies like Millet and Mushroom Dumplings and Millet Vegetable Spring Roll that showcase the breadth of flavours and culinary techniques across the continent. Master Chef Taj preserves the rich traditions and flavors of his heritage, infusing millets into age-old recipes like Sama Ki Khichdi and Thinai Vegetable Biryani, immersing guests in the timeless allure of Indian cuisine. Additionally, Master Chef Beena brings her passion for Middle Eastern cuisine by curating dishes like Millet Tabbouleh and Millet Pilaf with Roasted Vegetables, which captivates palates with inventive millets in traditional dishes. Engage in conversations about food culture and embark on a culinary adventure with Master Chef Robin at Seven Kitchens, as he showcases the versatility of millets in a range of global cuisines.

Chef Paul Kinny, Director of Culinary, The St. Regis Mumbai.
Varun Chhibber, General Manager, The St. Regis Mumbai

“I am continually astounded by the remarkable talent of our MasterChefs. They are not just exceptional culinary artists, but true magicians in their craft. I deeply enjoy my bond of friendship with my culinary maestros. My role is to be their punching board, someone they can discuss their bold and never before ideas with and above all to motivate them to take calculated risks. Nothing great was ever achieved without trying new projects and I am delighted to support their vision and passion.”, says Varun Chhibber, General Manager of The St. Regis Mumbai.

Master Chef’s Brunch at Seven Kitchens The St. Regis Mumbai

  • Date: Sunday, 16th July 2023 onwards
  • Time: 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Price: INR 3300 (Without Alcohol) and INR 4750 (With Alcoholic)
  • To reserve your experience, please call M: +91 8657522956 | Telephone - 022 6162 8422 / 022 6162 8000

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