Shiva cycles of Greater Noida celebrates Yoga for Humanity as the theme for International Day of Yoga on Tuesday, 21 June with the NECC cycling group. NECC’s Ritesh Mishra, Robin Tiwari, and Tanu Bhargava helped in coordinating the event.

Priyanka Guin, the founder of Shiva Cycles said that the COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented impact on human health. Once you’ve tried it, we’re sure you’ll agree that there are significant health benefits to combining yoga and cycling.

Yoga can help cyclists in three main ways: it improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops breathing techniques.

While Head Rider, Coordinator and Admin NECC group Ritesh Mishra said that If you regularly put in long sessions on the bike, it is critical to stretch and work on flexibility. Those are all parts of the body that yoga targets. Once you incorporate stretching and improve your flexibility, you’ll also quickly notice that you recover faster after training on the bike.

Senior Riders Anand Bist a resident of Cheery County & Robin Tiwari resident of Stellar Jeevan says, In order to safely enjoy cycling, you want to ensure that your muscles and joints are strong and stable. For cyclists, it is especially important to work on strengthening the core. Yoga strengthens the muscles along the spine, improving overall posture and naturally allowing the spine to be more flexible.

100 participants from various backgrounds from 5 to 75 years attended the session conducted by Yoga guru, Mr. Vibhor Kaushik, from NECC which included discussions on a healthy lifestyle, practising Yoga and breathing exercises and community building to promote a healthy and fit India.

The event started at 4.45 am from Shiva Cycles with a ride of 20km towards Tilapta road followed by a Yoga session and witnessed active participation from every individual followed by a robust discussion on lifestyle, diet, and exercises and healthy living. The participants were also provided certificates and T-shirts with Yoga Logo for making the event successfully. Special thanks to NECC Senior riders, Marshals & Support team (Mr Amrit, Mr Manish Mago , Shashi, Tanu, Rajsuta, & Pallavi Gupta , R.S Uppal ) for their support & coordination during this event.

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