Spotify is a modern voice controller technology that fills your car with music, news, entertainment, talk, and a lot more. It is specially designed for your car so that it responds to your voice letting you focus on what’s important. It also helps you connect over your phone’s internet connection to stream and control playback on songs and podcasts from Spotify’s library.

In its new feature, it added support for a “Car View” to its mobile app on Android and IOS, which would display a simplified UI while driving. This current feature is letting users control their music when behind the wheel. The feature is automatically enabled when the app detects a Bluetooth connection with a vehicle, according to the company. For now, it’s only available on Android 9 to 5 Google first spotted its rollout, and Spotify says it’s in the process of making its way to users globally. It supersizes the song data, track controls, and other critical buttons like shuffle. Spotify has been testing an in-car mode for some time now. In 2017, the company was toying with an early version that added a microphone icon for voice commands alongside the enlarged playback icons. Nevertheless, it can be dismissed until your next drive or disabled completely in Spotify’s settings if you’re not a fan of the simplified controls. You can also toggle it on from there if you connect to your vehicle’s audio system through the aux jack or if your Bluetooth system doesn't automatically trigger it.

Unfortunately, Spotify is now ending support for that feature. The company confirmed the choice to retire the feature on its community forums, as highlighted by Android Police. "We are confirming that we’re retiring the car view feature. This however doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve on how our users listen to Spotify while driving. On the contrary, we’re actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience”, quoted a Spotify moderator. On a further discussion regarding the disabled feature the moderator added that removing car view is necessary to "make way for innovations," that's reasonable enough, though it doesn't excuse dumping a genuinely useful safety feature without a clear replacement. To cut arguments and misunderstandings between the users and the app officials they said that, if you've got a modern car with Car Play or Android Auto support, you'll only be interacting with your in-dash display and will never see Car View in action. Many vehicles made in the last decade also have some sort of media control on their steering wheels and to be fair, that's how many people end up controlling tunes on the road.

Users are unhappy and aggrieved because of the disabling of the useful feature. They were so contented with their modern feature and now they are in so much disappointment that they complained on their community forums that Car View, which would typically show up in settings, was not appearing on their device anymore, causing the app to default to the main play view instead of the driver-friendly interface.