Starlink Roam is the new name for the RV package of SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet service. Customers of this service will have access to the internet virtually everywhere on their continent. A regional access package for $150 per month and a global plan for $200 (Rs 16,600) per month are also options for Starlink Roam.

Users can select between a portable antenna for $599 and an in-motion antenna for $2,500, similar to the RV package. Dishy, Starlink's satellite dish, was formerly limited to use on the same continent.

The Roam subscription is marketed by Starlink as a fix for subscribers who have unstable or nonexistent internet connectivity. The subscription is billed in one-month increments, and it is possible to halt or resume it at any time.

Users of Starlink began getting notifications in February about a brand-new "global roaming service" that has since taken the place of the RV package. The specifics of this service are still unknown. Customers received an email stating that there may be brief instances of poor or no connectivity with the Roam service.

According to the Starlink Roam FAQ website, the international service is only accessible in the nations marked on the Starlink availability map. Since the corporation is currently awaiting governmental approval from various nations, like India, Pakistan, and Cambodia, it is questionable whether the service will still be available in nations where Starlink is officially prohibited. Moreover, Elon Musk claimed in a Financial Times article that the Chinese government had made clear its dissatisfaction with his recent rollout of Starlink.