Mumbai, 26th September 2022: The renowned ICSE school in Khar, Jasudben ML School, is known for its commitment to social participation and societal responsibility. The school believes in teaching its students to give back to society and fostering the 'Art of Giving'  in their students. In view of this, the grade IV students from Jasudben ML School and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary visited The National Association for the Blind (NAB), located in Worli, Mumbai.

Children at this age are extremely sensitive to what they hear, see, and feel. Bloomingdales Pre-Primary always aims to instill in children the idea that they should be grateful for what they have and learn to be content. At this age, children may truly acquire moral lessons like the importance of helping others, kindness and sharing, and Jasudben ML and Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is doing an excellent job of fostering these values in its students.  Prior to visiting NAB, videos were shown to the students to sensitize them and to give them some knowledge of NAB and their work. The primary students managed to raise around Rs. 38,940 as a donation towards NAB.

While at the NAB, grade IV students of Jasudben ML School  visited the "Talking Book Center”, where books are recorded as audiobooks for the benefit of students who are blind. These recordings are created in a variety of languages, including English, Marathi, and Hindi. One of the teachers also explained how the blind use the red and white stick. They were shown how Braille books are made. The blind students attend NAB for training but complete their academic work at other institutions.

Afterwards, students had the chance to talk to the blind students. The NAB students entertained students of JML School , by playing the piano, reading a passage in Braille from one of their books, solving math problems, and other activities, while JML students sang songs and read poetry for them.

Khunda Khopade, Manager of the Department  of finance raising committee at the National Association for the Blind, said, “All the JML school students are extremely well-behaved and well-mannered. This is a very special day for our visually impaired students because the first time sighted students performed for them. They all were very happy and surprised by the performance. Thank you Jasudben ML School & Bloomingdales Pre-Primary for this wonderful initiative”

Mrs. Neha Srivastava, Headmistress of Primary – Jasudben ML School, said, “The moment we stepped into the school, the warmth and vitality of the youngsters surrounded us. Whether it was their music, reading, math or writing class or the divine moments shared in the assembly hall, every moment highlighted their complete involvement and robust enthusiasm in executing their duties, accompanied by a smile on their lips. The dedication of the administration and the teachers of the school was personified when we witnessed individual attention being administered to every child in the school. The morning spent with them brought a ray of light into our lives and the experience we encountered there, made us believe that no matter what challenges life throws upon us, move ahead in life with faith, the heart within and God overhead."

For the kids of JMLand Bloomingdales, it was a wonderful learning opportunity that increased their awareness of the challenges that differently-abled children endure. Additionally, the primary students of the school collected money, which was later donated to NAB.

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