The largest IT services provider in India, Tata Consultancy Services, has teamed with UK grocery chain Sainsbury to use a cloud-first approach to accelerate the latter's commercial growth.

The President of Retail Cluster at TCS, Shankar Narayan made a statement that they are excited to expand their partnership with Sainsbury's and help them achieve their cloud-first strategy while setting up a solid foundation for future growth. With their domain knowledge, technology expertise and experience in driving business transformations the company will enable Sainsbury's to achieve digital scale and realise benefits in their value chain.

According to the business, they will create a scalable foundation for a digital core for Sainsbury's as part of their new multi-year agreement. TCS will also offer complete managed services including network connectivity, security, and contemporary workplace services.

The cooperation would be crucial for Sainsbury's, according to Group CIO Phil Jordan. "This platform transition supported by a cloud-first approach is crucial for our business," he declared. Given their extensive contextual understanding and capacity to connect this change with the business strategy and goals, TCS was the partner of choice.

TCS is expected to speed up Sainsbury's speed up time to market,create new revenue streams and enhance agility to respond in real time to emerging business scenarios. Sainsbury's plans to reinvest the savings to achieve its strategic priorities of offering value to customers through innovation and lower costs. Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Their priority is to build on a strong brand heritage and reputation for quality, range and innovation while lowering prices and offering more consistent value. They claim to offer high quality, great value food to their customers all around.