Providing an enhanced customer experience is the best way to grow a business. What would be better than delivering solutions at the doorsteps of customers? Companies that understand this simple secret focus on building better customer experiences and success becomes a natural byproduct.

This is especially true when we are talking of public services which require a lot of paperwork and coordination with multiple departments. Technology can intervene smartly and make this process seamless and efficient. Digital connectivity has eliminated physical distances and simplified workflows. In today’s connected world, it is simple to create a digital workflow where the customer requests a service via the smartphone and the entire process is set into motion. The representative can visit the customer, collect information, fill up online forms, coordinate with the various departments and deliver the final output to the customer. The customer doesn’t need to step out of his house from start to finish.

The proliferation of the smartphone combined with access to cheap data has ensured the penetration of information to the underserved segments of society. Today’s customers are raising their expectations from service providers. They expect a smooth delivery of service that is quick and efficient.

Customer service technology can transform the future of customer service. Video communication is very powerful compared to voice calls. Businesses could start using video voicemails and schedule face-to-face meetings with customers wherever possible. It meets customer expectations and can also serve as a viable business improvement tool for vendors.

Customers will prefer an omnichannel experience where a variety of communication channels can come together to exceed customer expectations. Businesses can create a helpdesk as the central repository for all incoming customer inquiries. This will ensure that no matter which channel the customer chooses to communicate through, agents will always be able to respond on time.

Customer expectations are rising and they expect a real-time response to their queries. Replying by email is not good enough anymore and that is a huge change from the recent past. Customers expect businesses to respond in real-time and digital communication technologies can help you do that with the chat options. Remote work will also be part of the hybrid work culture. Businesses will have employees working remotely from their homes and fielding customer enquiries.

In the near future, Bots and AI can be game-changing when they are used for engaging with customers. They will ensure that customers get service around the clock even when your customer service team is not around. Bots can enhance the self-service experience for customers and reduce overheads becoming a win-win mode for communications. At Atishay Limited, we are already exploring this and have started integrating Bots and AI to provide a better customer experience. Bots are used to man the helpdesks to handle customer queries, Artificial Intelligence helps to predict customer behaviour using Data Analytics and helps the company to provide real-time solutions. The emerging technologies help to forecast future consumer behaviour as well as to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Technology will continue to make advances that can be used to provide enhanced customer experiences at lower costs. When it comes to implementing government programmes on a statewide or nationwide scale, technology can provide efficient solutions that ensure a win-win for all stakeholders. The use of powerful data tracking and analysis tools will provide real-time information and ensure that customers get a delightful experience. Businesses that focus on using tech-enabled solutions to delight their customers will have a bright future in the dynamic customer-centric landscape that is just unfolding.

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Akhilesh Jain holds a Chartered Accountant degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and a Bachelor of Law from Bhopal University. He drives and oversees the overall business at Atishay and nurtures a foresight to scale the Company to a new orbit of growth. He has proven his capabilities in leading his team to achieve exceptional business results. His vast experience of 33 years is backed by his astute and dynamistic leadership qualities.

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