Imagine a place where you are valued for your skills and not for an impressive degree! A human being gets undermined when he/ she doesn't get themselves academically knowledgeable or reach a goal. But the reality is, humans, determine things more realistically besides their academic education or knowledge.

Education gives us awareness of the world encompassing us. It evolves in us and gives us a prospect of looking at life. Moreover, your talents and skills help you to innate intelligence and abilities which make you stand special from others by tendering you more efficient and contentedly happy.

Well, Elon Musk's Tesla factory needs no degree, just talented skulls. The latest tweet by Elon Musk intends that Tesla's future will be built with high school graduates. Earlier this week, CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk set forth his 50 million Twitter followers that Giga Texas is heading out looking to fill more than 10,000 aspirants through 2022. The forthcoming $1.1 billion Tesla Gigafactory at Austin, Texas, would manufacture Cybertruck, Semi truck, Model 3 sedan, and Model Y mid-size SUV. Fascinatingly, this holds opportunities for high school graduates as well; it won’t need a college degree to amalgamate and join the most estimable car company in the world.

There are over 280 wide positions currently open on Tesla's official website. That list inclines across categories encompassing fields of manufacturing, design, engineering & IT, finance, supply chain, service & energy installation, and more exceeding at the Austin factory.

The CEO Elon Musk further mentioned in his tweet the benefits, privileges and opportunities of joining the new Giga Texas. He unveiled the job site and workplace which is located just five minutes away from the airport, 15 minutes from downtown and right on the Colorado River. Though, no extra features or details were rendered by Musk via the tweet. Also, CEO Musk had advised people to move to South Texas for his aerospace company SpaceX and encourage as well uplift friends to do so.

In addition to it, Tesla’s director- Chris Reilly announced recruitment and workforce development. She reported to the Austin Business Journal that the electric car company is admitting, "recruiting students who can graduate high school and start a career at Tesla while continuing their education.” Musk included the description in his tweet.

The company has already formed connections with some of the schools from Austin Community College, Huston-Tillotson University, the University of Texas and the Del Valle Independent School District, Reilly delivered.

According to a report by Austin American-Statesman, if Tesla will hire 10,000 workers, then it will be twice the minimum number of hires the company had ensured previously, which was 5,000. Texas stands in the third position for most popular state for Tesla vehicles, after California and Florida. A Drone footage of the Austin plant reveals that construction is progressing expeditiously. The challenge for Tesla in 2021 is one of global augmentation between intensified competition as heirloom automakers impersonate catch-up concerning the electric vehicles.