The famed luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz revealed on Thursday that it intended to start a pilot programme in the United States that would let users use ChatGPT, an advanced language model created by OpenAI, to power some features in their cars. Beginning on June 16, ChatGPT will be compatible with the 900,000 Mercedes automobiles that have "MBUX" systems, and it will be downloaded wirelessly when users opt in through the Mercedes app or voice command.

Mercedes hopes to learn a lot about how users interact with this cutting-edge technology over the three-month testing phase.

With ChatGPT integrated into the automobile system, users will be able to ask for a variety of information, such as destination information, and find answers to other questions, including dinner recipe recommendations. This will improve the naturalness of the responses given by the system.

Mercedes has in the past provided voice commands for a few operations, such as turning on seat heaters, enabling drivers and passengers to connect with their vehicles more naturally. Nevertheless, Mercedes has progressed the integration of sophisticated conversational capabilities into their automobiles significantly with the addition of ChatGPT, thereby improving the user experience.

A version of the well-known chatbot will be made available through Microsoft's cloud services as a result of the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI's ChatGPT.

Mercedes stressed in a news release that using the command "Hey Mercedes," drivers will also be able to converse with their vehicles. In a different blog post, Microsoft underlined the possibility for continuous plug-in connections that might someday allow drivers to make restaurant reservations, purchase movie tickets, and carry out other operations while operating a vehicle.

Mercedes will use the knowledge obtained from this test programme to help shape its future ambitions for deploying artificial intelligence (AI) and language models in various locales and languages. The Mercedes cloud architecture will securely store, anonymize, and analyse the voice data gathered during conversations, assuring privacy and data protection.

A rival in the auto sector named General Motors (GM) has also expressed interest in using ChatGPT for its vehicles as part of a larger partnership with Microsoft that was first revealed in March.