By Amit Sharon, Head of Customer Experience, Check Point

Both private- and public-sector organizations are targeted by active cybersecurity attacks and face additional risk from unknown threats. To protect clients' assets, Trofi Security maintains leading-edge security strategies and solutions. This is how the firm defends one of its most-attacked clients.


Trofi Security provides information security architecture, management, and testing services to world-leading organizations. Michael Trofi, Founder and CEO of Trofi Security, and I recently discussed the importance of continuing to fortify security postures while balancing security management efficiency.

With a long history of delivering dependable security services, Trofi Security is trusted by clients like the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Its website and internal collection of assets represent the world’s leading online authority on the Holocaust. Not only must the Museum protect irreplaceable data, it must also protect donor information. However, its cyber adversaries are formidable. The Museum faces disproportionately large numbers of cyber attacks from rogue and state-sponsored actors comparable to those experienced by high-level United States government offices.

Amit Sharon: How have your firm's security challenges evolved?

Michael Trofi: Well, obviously the cyberthreats themselves evolve constantly, so we must be continuously aware of what's out there. Attacks have become more complex and are being mounted by sophisticated, well-resourced state-sponsored actors. We need ever-better ways to assess the threat environment, detect attacks, and respond. Security management efficiency has become more important than ever.

Amit Sharon: How does that translate to your technology choices?

Michael Trofi: In several ways. We try to stay on the leading edge of protection because that's how to best protect our clients. We've increasingly adopted technologies like AI, automation, visualization, and advanced threat intelligence capabilities. We also look for technology solutions that allow us to add capabilities as a client needs them. Subscription-based solutions, like Check Point Infinity, make that easier for us and help us stay highly cost-effective over time.

Amit Sharon: How did you put these kinds of solutions into action for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum?

Michael Trofi: Recently we needed to increase protection in the AWS cloud while accelerating our ability to assess threats. The Check Point Infinity Architecture gives us real-time threat prevention, intelligence, and the most advanced security across networks and the cloud. We recently added Check Point Infinity Network Detection and Response (NDR) functionality to improve cloud monitoring. Infinity NDR integrates with Check Point security gateways and AWS, actively pulling data and using ThreatCloud intelligence to correlate events. Now our team knows at a glance where to focus investigations. We also deployed Check Point Infinity SOC to find malicious activity inside the Museum's network.

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security, CloudGuard Security Posture Management, and CloudGuard AppSec integrate seamlessly with our AWS environment to automate and simplify protection. CloudGuard gives us a 100% block rate, 100% malware prevention, 100% exploit resistance, and 0% false positives. CloudGuard Posture Management automates governance, giving us granular visibility everywhere. AppSec secures our applications, using contextual AI to profile users, learn how applications are used, and identify malicious requests.

Amit Sharon: How have they helped you protect the Museum better?

Michael Trofi: First, efficiency. We know exactly where to focus. AI-based automation makes management easier—it's a much better long-term approach to managing security. Second, effectiveness. We've stopped scanning by foreign nations, attempts at website defacement, and command-and-control software injection. We can monitor protocols and traffic coming from specific websites. One eye-opener was the ability to see how often people browse on malicious sites and download malicious files. Now we can proactively address these issues.

Amit Sharon: What would you tell other teams?Michael Trofi:

We recommend Check Point solutions to clients far more than other vendors. In particular, we'd recommend NDR and Infinity SOC to organizations facing critical threats. They will improve their security postures while also making their security professionals' lives much easier.

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