23rd May 2022: Tummoc, India’s only multi-modal mobility company, has announced its commitment to collaborate with Isha Foundation and its Cauvery Calling campaign to plant 1 lakh trees to revitalize Cauvery. The move reflects Tummoc’s continued focus on sustainability, reducing pollution and combating global warming.

The genesis behind setting Tummoc was also to cut down carbon emissions and reverse climate change. Commute spelt backwards is "Tummoc" (minus the e). The intent behind setting up the company was to reverse the trend of decreasing public transport usage in urban India. Providing an effective solution to use public transport reduces the number of vehicles on the road and thus reduces pollution.

Taking its efforts even further, Tummoc has partnered with one of the most extensive tree plantation drives by any organization globally — Cauvery Calling. Cauvery Calling was started by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, lead Isha foundation. Through this campaign, the Isha foundation chalked out an ambitious plan to plant 242 crore trees in the Cauvery basin with the objective of rejuvenating the drying river. Cauvery is the lifeline for more than 100 million people in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The rain-fed river is in a perennial state due to increased deforestation over the decades. We can save the Cauvery river by planting trees along its basin and taking it back to its old glory.

Hiranmay Mallick, Co-founder and CEO, says, “2.3 million Indians lost their lives due to pollution. Effective ways to counter the impact of pollution are switching back to public transport and planting trees. The tree plantation drive with Isha Foundation’s Cauvery Calling is aligned with our sustainability strategy. We are committed to planting 1 lakh trees in the Cauvery basin and will continue to work closely with Isha Foundation in its efforts to save the Cauvery river”.

As a part of this campaign, Tummoc will also encourage people to join the Cauvery Calling campaign and be a part of the change.

About Tummoc:

Tummoc was started to focus on global warming and other types of pollution that increasing urbanization and resultant urban travel have led to. Its primary goal is to move people from private transport to public transportation and reduce the number of greenhouse gases being released from vehicular movement. It strives to be a carbon-neutral company in the next five years.

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