Twitter now allows tweets to have a whooping 10,000 characters. The adjustments continue after that. Bold and italic formatting have also been added to the hitherto "micro-blogging" platform. The character limit was initially 140, then it was raised to 240 in 2017, then it was lowered to 4,000 under Elon Musk, and currently it is 10,000.

The new character limit has been offered to Twitter Blue users. Twitter made it official with a Tweet stating, "We’re making improvements to the writing and reading experience on Twitter! Starting today, Twitter now supports Tweets up to 10,000 characters in length, with bold and italic text formatting."

Users could purchase the Blue service and then enable subscriptions on their accounts, according to a tweet from Twitter. According to the platform, this would bring in direct cash and provide users the choice to monetize their essays and write-ups. A quote tweet or reply can be used to create longer Tweets by the user. Utilising hashtags, polling, and publishing media are all still standard functions.

Longer Tweets can only be written by Blue subscribers, but everyone will be able to read them. Users who don't utilise Twitter Blue can still only post tweets with 240 characters.

In addition to the increased character limit, Twitter Blue subscribers also gain access to a plethora of additional features, such as Edit Tweet, Half ads, Custom app icons, NFT Profile pictures, Themes, Custom Navigation, Spaces Tab, Top Articles, Reader, Undo Tweet, Prioritised rankings in conversations and search, Longer video upload, and SMS two-factor authentication.