Alex Kachalov, CTO

Effective communication is the lifeline of successful business interactions, and email remains at the heart of this interconnected world. In an era of global connectivity, emailing has become the backbone of countless business interactions, enabling organizations to connect, collaborate, and build relationships with clients, customers, and partners. Recognizing the pivotal role that email plays, UniOne has emerged as a trailblazer in revolutionizing email delivery and automation. With their unwavering commitment to streamlining this crucial communication process, UniOne is reshaping the landscape by pioneering API-based email delivery.

Seamless Automation

UniOne's journey began with a decade of experience in maintaining a front-end email marketing platform. Listening closely to their customers, they realized the limitations of existing email service providers (ESPs) in keeping up with the escalating tasks and evolving IT systems of businesses. Their customers valued UniOne's unique user-centric approach and wanted to continue their partnership. This inspired the team to create an email transport that could serve as a reliable route from organizations' IT systems to their subscribers seamlessly. Thus, UniOne was born—a versatile API-first email product that seamlessly integrates into any CMS, CDP, or CRM platform.

 A Step Ahead

The company’s commitment to continuous development and improvement sets them apart from the competition. They listen to their customers and stay ahead of industry trends, constantly enhancing their services to meet the evolving needs of businesses. Effortless connectivity, high-speed sending capabilities, and optimal delivery rates are just the beginning. UniOne has introduced features such as detailed visual statistics, data import capabilities, and email tags, empowering businesses to analyze the effectiveness of their email campaigns with ease. With a visual email builder and ready-to-go templates, UniOne makes it simple for organizations to create engaging email content. Moreover, they empowered their users with tools to manage unsubscriptions and differentiate sendings into separate projects, making UniOne a comprehensive white-label email solution.

Unparalleled Support for Customers

Despite sending over 6 billion messages in the last three years, UniOne maintains the spirit of a startup, focusing on what truly matters to its clients. They offer a highly qualified email solution with best-in-class support at lower pricing, providing businesses with exceptional value. UniOne understands that trust and reliability are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. They set achievable goals and prioritize delivering on their promises, taking responsibility for any rare missteps along the way. This commitment to transparency and honesty has enabled UniOne to build lasting relationships and establish themselves as a trusted leader in email delivery.

As businesses navigate the competitive landscape, UniOne is focused on their immediate goal of global expansion. Having already made a significant impact in the CIS market, the company aims to extend its reach and provide its exciting email automation solution to customers worldwide. By combining their innovative technology with a user-focused approach, UniOne aspires to secure a place among the top five Email API solutions globally, while maintaining their unwavering commitment to customer care.