Mahesh Krishnachari, Director

Vevra group is an Architecture, Engineering and Construction firm focusing on Design and Build, founded in 2015 Bangalore, India, with a mission to strive for design excellence with an exceptional client service. Vevra group operates in India and Europe with 5 offices.

Vevra, believes in more than just Ingenious. The company is built on the belief that extraordinary client service and design can alone deliver great satisfaction to its customer. Our diverse work culture and understanding of the community will deliver the great quality of work. No matter the project size, or market or client type, our unique process allows us to shape a customised approach compatible to each client’s requirements and challenges.

We are committed to 5 core innovation areas:
• Sustainable combined design and build services to provide a “seamless” connected mobility
• Efficient use of resources.
• Protection of biodiversity and preservation of natural resources.
• Sustainable, inclusive, smart, desirable and resilient buildings.
• Digital engineering, Building Information Modeling (BIM) to serve the performance of our clients’ projects and the end users of the projects we design and operate.

These challenges give us the opportunity to imagine and design tomorrow’s world.

Vevra group offers wide range of services in-house and with an expectational team of Architects, Engineers and an in-house construction team to provide “Seamless services” to our clients and take full responsibility for the project from start to end.

Services offered:
• Architecture
• Master planning
• Structural and Civil design
• MEP& F Design
• PMC & Construction
• Interiors & Landscape
• Cost management & Quantity Surveying
• Structural Analysis & Value Engineering.

Vevra group has completed more than 200 plus projects across globe and has many ongoing projects. Vevra group has gained experience in setting up Large, medium and small scale industries for several international and Indian manufacturing companies such as: • Automobiles sectors • Aerospace industries • Healthcare and hospitality sector • Institutes and commercial spaces • Industrial buildings • Food processing industries • Pharma/Drug manufacturing industries • Residentials and office Interiors.

We also take great pride in introducing “Vevra Pods”, mobile ICU units, to help combat the shortage of ICU beds due to the ongoing pandemic Covid19.

These pods are one of a kind developed in India with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrated, complete “negative pressure” fully furnished hospital units designed in the form of pods to contain the spread of contagious diseases such as Covid-19 and prevent cross-contamination at hospitals.

Vevra Group is also helping Government of Karnataka to setup makeshift ICU modular hospitals across Karnataka.

Vevra Group pledges to be a responsible company wherever it operates in the world. At Vevra, being responsible means knowing how to act in order to satisfy our clients.