In order to improve the user experience and privacy, WhatsApp is currently working on a number of new updates and features. The "Profile photo in group chats," "Forwarding media with caption," and an integrated blur tool are some of the new features. WhatsApp has begun testing a new "Messages with yourself" feature for both Android and iOS users, while the precise release date of these features is still unknown. A limited number of Android and iOS beta testers have access to the feature, and it will soon be made available to everyone with additional upgrades.

Although sending messages to your own mobile number was always an option, there was no separate chat window for that purpose on the contact list. Users have even created groups with just one member to share media files or take notes. However, with the most recent version, the app will now highlight your personal chat box by adding "Message yourself" as the conversation caption when you open a WhatsApp chat using your own phone number. Additionally, for faster access, WhatsApp will display your phone number in its contact list.

If you send a message to the chat using your phone number, it will always be synced with your other connected devices because it is no longer an unsupported feature while using multi-device, according to the WaBetaInfo report. Notably, for some beta testers, a separate caption will be used to highlight the communicate with yourself feature. Over the next few days, the feature will be made available to additional users. In the subsequent update of the programme, WhatsApp will enhance the functionality that allows users to "view your phone number within the contacts list."

In the meantime, WhatsApp has begun testing its ability to forward media with caption features in beta. Users will be able to forward documents, movies, GIFs, and photographs with captions thanks to the new upgrade. Up until this point, we could just forward the media and had to rewrite the accompanying text. But this inconvenience will soon be gone. Beta testers can currently use the functionality on WhatsApp for Android users.