Elon Musk has opened a fresh poll to decide whether or not to resign as CEO. Musk has made it plain in the current poll that he will follow the results of the vote.

He stated in his tweet,"Should I step down as head of Twitter? I will abide by the results of this poll."

With more than 55% of votes in favour of Musk resigning as CEO, the poll results suggest that the "No" side is far behind the "Yes" side. The percentage of No votes is still below the threshold of 45%. The vote share could potentially vary given that the poll's release was only a few hours ago. There isn't a poll deadline provided by Musk.

Currently, Elon Musk is the CEO of five businesses, including Twitter. The most valuable firm, Tesla, has investors who are concerned about Musk's excessive Twitter activity. Contrary to how other US-based manufacturers are faring, since Musk acquired control of Twitter in early October, the value of Tesla shares has fallen.

Just a few days after buying Twitter, Elon Musk sacked the entire board of directors. He now serves as the company's chairman as a result. Even after leaving his position as CEO of Twitter, Musk may retain a significant amount of power.

Musk reassured Tesla shareholders during a recent court hearing that he does not intend to continue leading Twitter and that he intends to hand the reins over once the business has stabilised. He did not give a time frame. Investors in Tesla, though, don't appear to be satisfied with Musk's promises. KoGuan Leo, one of Tesla's largest investors, demanded last week that Musk resign as the company's CEO.