The Biophilic wellbeing retreat is honoured by this prestigious recognition in the worldwide hospitality industry

March 2023- Woods At Sasan, a modern wellness retreat in  Sasan Gir, Gujarat has been awarded LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2022 in Architectural Design Wellness (Spa, Yoga, Retreat) category.  Nestled in the forest, this modern retreat in the woods is the first of its kind in India – a luxury retreat based on biophilia and grounded in sustainable practices.

Known for recognizing excellence in hospitality architecture, interior design, and guest experiences on a global scale, LIV Hospitality Design Awards celebrates the quality and diversity of architectural ventures and interior design projects shaping the worldwide hospitality industry today. After working towards building one of the finest and ideal luxury wellbeing retreats, Woods At Sasan, a flagship venture by 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts, is honored by this prestigious recognition for its modern design principles of architecture.

1000 Island Hotels & Resorts are pioneering new approaches to design as they work towards the composition of nature-connected spaces that optimize the use of energy. Their venture, Woods At Sasan is infused with aesthetics of natural stone, local materials, and crafts for a stay immersed in the environment.

This luxury wellbeing retreat is a way of life, a system of dynamic ideas and sustainable ideals brought together in pursuit of creating biophilic spaces that enrich destinations and offer experiences with a positive influence on people and the planet.

The edifices at Woods At Sasan are an amalgamation of contemporary & biophilic architecture, infused with the essence of the local culture and the craft of the land. Keeping the essence of land as the focus, the stays designed are immersive in nature beyond their seamless facade or structure, carrying details of organic materials, ample light, and textures of the local landscape along with hints of excavated stones placed around with purpose.

Through meaningful design, Woods At Sasan has built a space to experience, observe, understand, and connect with natural surroundings. By incorporating existing physical and systemic natural patterns in the property, the wellbeing retreat helps guests re-align subconsciously while the arts, crafts, and interiors reflect the local lifestyle and landscapes. Hence, the architecture effortlessly celebrates nature and promotes well being of the body, mind, and spirit through seamless connectivity between the built and natural environment.

With a Biophilic Design approach and conscious design decisions to maximize the affiliation of humans with natural processes, Woods At Sasan has attempted to invest in building a property that aligns design thinking with wellbeing.

“We feel privileged for this prestigious recognition as it demonstrates our Design Atelier's commitment to develop a biophilic environment that integrates design principles with a focus on well-being.” says, Maulik Bhagat, Founder & MD, 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts.

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