Podcasts will now be available on YouTube Music's US platform, which is accessible via Android, iOS, and the web. This action follows YouTube's recent intention to enter the podcasting industry, which Kai Chuk, the company's head of podcasting, revealed a few months ago.

Now that users may listen to podcasts on YouTube Music after seeing them on the main YouTube app, users can more easily navigate between podcasts in audio and video formats. Users can now listen to their favourite shows while on the road thanks to this new feature, which enables seamless playback both online and offline as well as in the background.

The new podcast listening experience on YouTube is distinct from the music listening experience there, which requires a paid subscription to access some features, according to a blog post from the company. However, this new function enhances the YouTube podcast video experience.

The fact that all users can access podcasts on YouTube Music regardless of whether they have a YouTube Premium subscription is one of the new feature's most important benefits. Additionally, YouTube has acknowledged that while using its platform to listen to podcasts, paying users may hear host-read endorsements or sponsorship messages.

The upgrade is being gradually rolled out to all listeners in the US, and YouTube has said that it soon wants to extend its reach outside of the US. A separate podcast stream is now available on the YouTube Music Home tab, displaying preferred podcasts and suggested episodes.

YouTube advises podcasters who just have audio to think about publishing a static image video or using audiograms and other dynamic video formats. YouTube will soon provide producers the option of immediately uploading their audio podcasts via RSS feeds to both YouTube and YouTube Music.

By not pursuing exclusive agreements with podcasters, the corporation is adopting a different strategy than rivals like Spotify.