Satyasanatan Satapathy, MD

A multifaceted engineering and manufacturing company, AB Engineering has grown throughout the years. It has also given rise to a network of businesses with a diversified active portfolio that includes manufacturing, engineering, and small-scale subcontracting. The business recognises its obligation as a corporate citizen for sustainable development and serves its clients with dedication and commitment to complete the project effectively. In its market, AB Engineering wants to be known as a recognised professional organisation that offers cutting-edge project management solutions. The company's vision is to become a world-class Engineering & Manufacturing company operating internationally.

The company's core value is to help create a sense of common beliefs and behaviours, AB Engineering focuses on seven fundamental shared values:- Respect, Trust, Team Work, and Environment friendly. Accountability, integrity and innovation. The foundation for these seven values is a singular focus on its customers, representing a core value of customer first.

Through the Journey

AB Engineering took its face in 2017 when Satyasanathan Satpathy face of the company decided to switch his banker's job into something creative along with his father Niranjan Satpathy. Initially, the company started with just rupees ten lakh investment. In just three years this hardworking company reached a milestone of fifteen crores. The company has grown its face value with just one mantra which is Quality and hard work!

AB Engineering is known in the construction industry for Steel Building systems (Mezzanine Floor) and Engineering & Fabrication. The company also has its hold over Warehouse Construction, Pre-Engineering Building, Roofing Shed, Industrial Shed, Building Construction, Road Construction, Structural Engineering, Electrical Works, and Architectural Services.

The project management software, which incorporates planning, monitoring, and estimating capabilities that we have independently created in-house, is used to handle all of the projects. The management of the company, having learned from experience, is determined that customer happiness is the single most crucial element in determining a company's success. A win-win strategy is used by AB Engineering management to achieve true and long-lasting success, with double the stakes as professional owners.

The company’s mission is to become an exemplary engineering contracting and manufacturing company known for its project management skills, integrity and unflinching commitment of its management towards customers and other business associates providing value to its stakeholder. AB Engneering is an employee friendly company. It believes that employees safety comes first. The company ensures that the employees are updates with latest technologies from time to time. The company conducts seminars to demonstrate new safety measures and technologies regularly.

The dream team

Satyasanathan Satpathy- Marketing and management head is a banker turned entrepreneur. He looks after the major communications. A.B. Faisal- Management and Finances has been with the company for past three years. AB Engneering credits Gayatri Strucural Solutions as its background support.

AB Engineering is fortunate to have hardworking employees, engineers, safety engineers and supervisors who are knowledgeable and skilled in their disciplines. Currently, the company has thirty-five engineer supervisors on board. Their supervisors monitor the progress of construction projects and ensure compliance with construction safety regulations. The company has a total of ninety-six employees. The set of employees includes thirty-six highly skilled and skilled professionals and sixty unskilled employees. Together their team ensure to make the dream projects with utmost safety and elegance.

The Future Prospective

Every industry has been recovering since covid19 pandemic. AB Engineering has had its fair share of downs too. One remarkable story is that all the employees were paid throught the lockdowns! Being in the field for the past seven years AB Engineering has had its happy milestones. The company has had its hands on more than twenty construction projects and a number of four hundred and sixty-plus happy clientele. AB Engineering is skilled in two aspects time management and quality. The company has its dominance over Orisa Manipur Jharkhand and plans to cover pan-India reach in the coming five years. While longs to cover Asia in the coming 15 years.