India is expected to become the world’s third largest construction market by 2022. The Businesswire report further attributes to this fact that according to the Q4 2021 Global Construction Survey, the construction industry in India is expected to grow by 16.5% to reach Rs.42,127 billion in 2022. Poised perfectly across this booming industry, P C Snehal Group outclasses as a premier brand that has been avidly contributing to this growth. The differentiating factor of the company is its strong foundation of the building, of relationship with clients, and of actual work it puts out. Adhering to these factors, the company is committed towards catering to desired quality and time-bound execution of projects across various infrastructure departments of the Government of India.

No wonder more than 400 landmark projects of the Gujarat state have been successfully accomplished under the company such as exquisite water distribution projects, building projects with exposed RCC & masonry, box pushing and pipeline networking, underpasses and flyovers, overhead and underground RCC water tanks, RCC prestressed concrete and steel bridges, radial collector well sinking and piling work, retro-fitting packages, sport complexes, kid-city projects, to name a few. The business of P C Snehal Group has been spread over many surrounding states of Gujarat with more than 60 prestigious infrastructure projects under execution. Moreover, the company has expanded its operations to over 12 states with remarkable infrastructure while planning to expand across 2-3 new states too.

Unparalleled Adaptability & Commitment

Across all these projects right from the point of using materials to hiring staff and coping with changing trends, P C Snehal Group has ensured the adaptability of the company to be of paramount importance without compromising on the quality and desired result. The company has always been committed to quality construction and 5 P’s that it focuses on – Positiveness, Pride, Progress, Prestige, and Precision.

Positiveness – To Be The Market Leader Renowned For Excellence, Quality, Performance And Reliability In Every Type Of Construction; Pride – As We Believe In Possibilities, Each Day We Dream Bigger & Create A Bright Future; Every Deeds Becomes A Pillar To Do Better; Progress – Providing Innovative Infrastructure, Achieving New Milestone In Every Phase And Coming Up With Landmark Projects That Defines Country’s Progress; Prestige – Premiere Brand Reputation Of Developing 200+ Gujarat State’s Landmark Projects And Ongoing Huge Infrastructures Globally; and Precision – Delivering Accuracy Through Continuous Development And Achieving Sustainable Growth With The Collaborative Efforts Of Our Business Partners.

A brand synonymous with Planning, Designing, Engineering and Construction, P C Snehal Group offers a bracket of services which includes water distribution, drainage & storm water management, industrial projects, building projects, radial collector well, de-watering, pushing, laying of pipes & concrete, cement & epoxy grouting, construction of RCC tank, RCC restructuring, steel structuring, earth works from root level, pile foundation and well sinking, and many others.

Ace Leadership

Chiranjiv Patel, Managing Director, P C Snehal Group, asserts, “Behind this unrivalled excellence of P C Snehal Group lies our fully dedicated in-house teams of experienced engineers, technicians, and professionals to take care of each aspect of multiple infrastructure projects from incubation to completion, within the stipulated time and desired quality”. The team is seamlessly trained to put the client requirements and expectations on top. As the biggest pillars of strength, Shri Snehal M. Patel and Chirag M. Patel have always worked with high integrity in the company and also committedly aided various social causes.

Snehal M. Patel is well known as the Asst. Governor (2006 – 07) - Rotary International Dist.-3050 Ahmedabad, Director – since last twenty years in various social and recreational clubs of Ahmedabad, Ex President – SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga), Fellowship Member & Chartered Engineer – Institute of Engineers India, and many others. Chirag M. Patel is well known as the President (2006 – 07) & Board Member upto year 2012, Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects (GICEA) Member – Advisory board of 11th Planning commission Govt. of Gujarat, Director – Since last ten years in various social and recreational clubs of Ahmedabad, Fellowship Member – Institute of Engineers India, and many others.

The same principle has been ingrained in second-generation directors, Chiranjiv Patel and Dhiraaj Patel, who have been ardently contributing to the growth of the company with equal zest. Chiranjiv is known as the Founder Trustee of Karma Foundation, Chairman of The Indo Canadian Business Chamber, Global Committee Member of Entrepreneurs Organisation, Regional Director of Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO, South Asia) 2016-2018, Governing Body Member of Karnavati University, Co-Chairman (2018) of Start Up & Mentorship at GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce), Managing Trustee of Vaishnav Innerfaith Pushtimargiya Organisation (VIPO), and many others. He is also approved in Class “AA” for Govt. of Gujarat and Class “A” for Western Railways.

On the other hand, Dhiraaj Patel is well known as The Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects – Member, Rajpath Club Limited – Member, and Sports Club of Gujarat Ltd. – Member. The other Executive Director of P C Snehal Group, Samrat S. Patel is well known as The Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects – Member, Rajpath Club Limited – Member, Sports Club of Gujarat Ltd. – Member, and Neoma Herbalsciences Ltd. – Director.

P C Snehal Group takes pride in its works that speak for itself as more than 60 prestigious infrastructure projects are proceeding. Speaking of the future plans, Chiranjiv adds, “The company is looking forward to acquiring better projects and expansion in coming years. Our focus areas would be projects that are redefining the horizons of the Infrastructure industry in the nation, to be able to cater more than what’s already going on”. The sole purpose of the company is to deliver extraordinary results in stipulated time with a finesse that only comes with experience. Furthermore, the company is scaling new heights and expanding geographically with a goal of being one of the leading infrastructure companies in the country.