Despite the recession in 2020, the construction industry in India has recovered and the future looks quite promising for this industry thereafter. A swarm of companies have plunged into the construction industry witnessing the tremendous growth, yet only a few of them dedicatedly provide efficient services to their clients. One such dedicated and passionate company is Subhash Infraengineers Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL), that was established with the core aim of providing effective and efficient construction services and completing the project on time. Since its inception in 1996, SIPL has been avidly committed to ensure total customer satisfaction with value addition at all stages by implementing the projects within specified time and cost while maintaining high level of quality, transparency and integrity. The company is well known for the delivery of top-notch construction services across various segments of infrastructure including Power, Railways, Highways, Irrigation, Urban Development, and Hotels & Resorts.

Projects Par Excellence

Jasbir Saini, Managing Director, SIPL, adds, “We have a visionary management, professionals, latest technology and equipment to ensure cost effective, timely and quality execution of contracts to achieve the utmost satisfaction of our clients”. Today, SIPL Group is a pioneer in the field of complete EPC projects of Thermal Energy in India. Having developed/constructed Ash Dykes, reservoirs and infrastructure works in various Thermal Power Stations of NTPC and State Electricity, the company also takes pride in providing additional services such as hospitality, solar energy, education, and healthcare to its clients.

Some of SIPL’s services include sub surface drainage, irrigation projects in various states, Site Grading/Site Levelling/Mass Excavation, National Highways/Expressway/State Roads, Bridges/Culverts/Spillways, Substation & Power Transmission work, Railways: Civil, OHE and Signalling, STP/ Drainage Projects, Hospital Building Projects and a lot more! SIPL takes utmost pride in its on-going projects entailing Ash Dyke Package for Telangana Super Thermal Power Project; Provision of 1 MW Solar Power Plant at MES Jhansi; Designing, Constructing, Commissioning and Testing of 3 Nos. RCC Storage & Sedimentation (S&S) tanks for Water Treatment Plant Village Chandu Bhudera, District Gurugram, Haryana; and many more.

The Backend!

At the backend of these projects lie a strong R&D team working seamlessly to minimize errors and maximize productivity throughout each project while SIPL’s high-end, in-house tech machinery helps in bringing the operational costs down significantly. Each project is monitored by SIPL’s team through an excellent ERP System, which handles projects smoothly PAN India. No wonder, the company has received accolades for its competitive bidding and has earned respect for each concern of its clients. SIPL has won awards like Best EHS Award in 2022 from Doosan, Appreciation Awards in 2020 from Doosan, and an Award for Prompt GST Filing from the Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India etc. In turn, the company also feels immense pleasure to have delivered high quality construction services to its clients through strong partnerships.

SIPL constantly strives to adhere to the highest construction standards, delivery schedule & quality execution of contracts through continual improvement of technology and feedback by its high-performance team. Besides being accredited with ISO 9001-2015 standards of Quality Management System and certified by M/s International Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. in all its Operating Sectors, the company has achieved an excellent reputation in the industry as a brand that delivers what it promises through its commitment and performance spanning over two decades.

Despite being a construction company, SIPL’s prime emphasis is on environment wellness. The company has adopted an integrated approach towards Quality, Environment and Health & Safety and has incorporated many business practices for the same. It also imparts knowledge on using personnel protective equipment and all necessary resources to reduce risks and improve safety at every project. Jasbir Saini adds, “By staying committed to our clients, we fulfil their promises and work with safety and team spirit to deliver the projects well in time through our leadership”.

An Ace Team

SIPL has an excellent team of directors including its mastermind – Mr Dilbag Singh Saini (Chairman) and others, who hold more than 40 years of experience in understanding the real-time cost of each project. In fact, their expertise and skills are what that helps the company in quoting the best price in the market for its services. The entire team at SIPL is exposed to a culture that is full of trust and respect where layoff is treated as the last resort. The dedicated problem-solving management team at the company ensures to scrutinize every problem from the grassroot level. The Ace team is also presented with benefits like competitive pay package, job security, career growth opportunities, positive & inspiring company culture, company’s stability & success, strong relatable values, effective & transparent management, healthy environment, and emphasis on women empowerment. Most importantly, Mr Dilbag Singh Saini asserts, “We strongly believe that a leader is not born but a leader is created through consistency, persistency and hard work”.

Future Roadmap

SIPL has always been focused on consistency of growth, timely delivery, knowledge of the industry and its competitors, promotion of products & services, building a great team, understanding organizational structure & design, and using capital and cashflow wisely. For the long run, the company adheres to the objectives of implementing specific improvements in the organization’s competitive position, effective technology-enabled leadership, profitability, RoI, employee relations and corporate realations. The plans that are in pipeline for SIPL are to achieve 500% growth in the coming 5 years, expand globally and start new projects while ensuring to complete all in-hand works on or before time!