Pasupulati Sudhakar, Founder & Chairman & Paspuleti Shiva Krishna, Director, Tripura Constructions

The Indian construction industry has been witnessing a significant growth in the past few years in tandem with the advancements and technologies. Yet, this industry has been considered unprofessional and unorganized by most of the people wherein multiple construction professionals have encountered unethical behaviour. Especially this unethical behaviour was found with regards to payment issues, bribes & kickbacks, unreliable contractors, safety issues, licensing issues, fraudulent claims, unfair labour practices, and much more.

Redefining the Indian Construction Industry

Taking all these aspects into diligent consideration, Hyderabad-based Tripura Constructions came into existence to redefine the professionalism and organization of systems in the Indian construction space. Since its inception in 2007, the company has been working towards making the industry more professional and organized through its services, thereby standing out as the perfect example to its competitors. With a strong aim to function on an autopilot mode, Tripura Constructions has transformed all its manual systems into systematized processes along with the support of ERP. The company also ensures to adhere to the new practices and methods in the construction industry.

A family-run business, Tripura Constructions is supervised by Sudhakar Pasupaleti, Founder & Chairman, his wife – Suguna Pasupaleti, Co-Founder, his son – Shiva Pasupaleti, Managing Director, and his daughter-in-law – Pallavi Krishna, CEO. The visionary behind the company is Sudhakar, a man who had that audacious vision to mark his legacy on the city through his buildings. Unlike others, Sudhakar worked his way up the ladder, learning the nuances and skills of each work in the real estate industry and today, manages the land acquisitions and funds for his company. His wife – Suguna takes care of fund managements while Sivakrishna and Pallavi take care of sales & marketing and overall management respectively. Besides, they have diverse teams under dedicated departments along with a highly skilled labour force, working collectively to achieve the company’s core vision and dream!

Pallavi articulates, “My husband and I are MBA graduates with expertise in management and marketing. We strive hard to keep-up the trust and commitment of our customers on which the foundation of Tripura Constructions was built on. Our foremost importance is vested on our stakeholders – Investors, Employees and Customers, wherein we ensure to follow equality among them and also focus on enhancing their wellbeing and competence”.

Advantages Par Excellence

Quality is one aspect which Tripura Constructions never compromises on! Here, quality includes the internal quality of the buildings which the company constructs along with various other aspects too. Sudhakar personally takes diligent care of choosing futuristic locations for lands. This gives the customers an added advantage of having their homes in a location that is already developed/ developing, at reasonable prices. Kick-starting its business from residential homes, the company has reached the pinnacle of success with its wide range of multiple residential ventures and apartment projects, thereby outshining as one of the best construction companies in Hyderabad. Architectural excellence and honest commitment to the customers have always been the biggest strengths of Tripura.

Pallavi adds, “We ensure that all our customers are being pampered through our projects and that all their requirements are duly fulfilled”. For instance, Tripura Constructions has ensured to create homes with extended facilities for pets, homestays, drive-in hotels attached to farmlands (absence of nearby eateries) and green buildings with added health benefits for customers (Green Alpha project). This concept of green buildings was something newly created in the city of Hyderabad by Tripura, with the main motto of reducing the pollution in the city to a certain extent. Not just for its customers, the company assures to create a safe, open and respectable environment for its employees and labour too. Besides organizing multiple training sessions for its employees, Tripura takes the extra step to come-up with new vocational training courses for semi-skilled labours and many other activities that gives them the zeal to keep soaring ahead! Pallavi says, “We ensue that all our stakeholders stay in a win-win situation!”

Projects for Every Customer’s Needs!

Till date, Tripura has delivered more than 1 million sq. ft. of built-up area, and an additional 2 million sq. ft. of built-up area is under construction. Tripura’s projects have been home to more than 500 families and with more ventures on the horizon, this number is sure to soar. Some of its completed projects at Hyderabad include Landmark II, an independent luxury villa project in Bowrampet; Landmark I, which features value-for-money villas constructed with top quality parameters; Tripura Manor, a residential apartment complex at Alkapuri; and many more. Green Alpha, Landmark III, and Tripura Galaxy are some of its ongoing projects while Landmark IV and Tripura’s Nirvana are some of its upcoming projects. For the road ahead, Tripura Constructions aims to develop more plots and farmlands, thereby pacing its way ahead of its competitors in the market. Standing tall amongst the top 5 companies in the construction industry of Hyderabad, Tripura aims to also grow its turnover up to 4 times while developing more sustainable projects for its customers. Pallavi concludes, “Throughout all these projects, our biggest mantra is to ensure that every construction material and method that is being deployed must be environment friendly so that we can give back to the mother nature”.