“No legacy is as rich as honesty”, and Fair Mate Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., an India-based multinational company, has been plummeting towards exponential growth and progress for over 3 decades by adopting the mantra of empathetic leadership and honest administration.  Since its inception in 1996, Fair Mate has been manufacturing, marketing, and exporting high quality construction chemicals that have been optimized for build quality and longevity along with enhancing the aesthetic look and feel. Our products are currently used in all kinds of construction from buildings and airports to refineries, highways, tunnels, flyovers, and even notable monuments like Statue of Unity. Bhavesh Baldev Shah, Joint Managing Director at Fair Mate, proudly acknowledges, “Fair Mate, today, is at the pinnacle of the Indian Construction Chemicals Industry by offering a wide range of 500+ products that get distributed across over 4 continents and 15 countries.”

Bhavesh Shah, Jt Managing Director and Rakesh Shah, Managing Director

R&D to build Product Diversity 

From Admixtures, Waterproofing Systems, Engineering Grouts, Industrial Floor Surfaces, Surface Treatment to Concrete Repairs, Sealants, Pre-packed Concrete & Mortar, Protective Coatings and Highway Repairs, Fair Mate deals with complete range of construction chemicals. It also stands among the few in India to manufacture PolyCarboxylate Ether (PCE), raw material for Concrete Admixtures. Fair Mate has addressed one of India’s biggest problems in the civil engineering industry through its game-changing waterproofing solutions. The company also outclasses its competitors as one of India’s largest suppliers of cementitious rock capsules. To offer all solutions to their customers under one roof, Fair Mate also offers Architectural products and services like Wall Finishing, Liquid Floor, Paint among others. “We strive to stand as a single point of contact for our customers by taking ownership over all their projects, unlike our peers in the construction industry” adds Bhavesh Shah.

Fair Mate is an R&D driven company that believes in adopting innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions to deliver high-performance. Projects that have used Fair Mate products have today become benchmarks for quality and reliability including but not limited to India’s longest flyover – P. V. Narasimha Rao Expressway in Hyderabad, and India’s second longest freeway – Eastern Freeway in Mumbai. In 1996, Fair Mate had successfully supplied products in one of Gujarat’s largest projects, a ₹5000 Crore Project for IPCL, proving its efficiency and work ethic to international brands. In the year 1997, when the Reliance Group was establishing their refinery in Jamnagar, Fair Mate convinced them that its products were at par with international brands. 

Adding to this excellence is Fair Mate’s fame in the industry for its capabilities on delivering products on par with the latest technologies and competitive prices. This has always encouraged customers to prefer its products to its peers’ others in the market. Bhavesh says, “Our mantra has always been to deliver products and services better than the best in quality, services and value at the most affordable prices. We are different than our competitors and always come up with innovative ways of reaching out to our customers”. Further to reduce transportation costs, the company has established various factories across the country while staying competitive with its foreign peers.

Certifications & Awards

Fair Mate takes pride in holding these certifications – ISO 9001 : for following specific standards for ensuring Quality Management System in all the areas of its operations; ISO 14001 : for ensuring the company follows all required norms prescribed by the ISO 14001 International Standard for Environmental protection and controlling the Pollution which may occur due to our various operations; ISO 45001 : for following International Standard procedure to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety of all the employees & stakeholders; and certification for being an Annual Member of IGBC. Bhavesh Shah was also the Chairman of IGBC Vadodara Chapter and held the term for 8 years.

Fair Mate has also won multiple awards such as – MSME : India’s 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020 for Quality Excellence; and ZED : to manufacture goods in the country with "zero defects", "zero effect" on the environment, and such that exported goods are never returned to them.

A Company By the People, Of the People, For the People. 

Senior Leadership at Fair Mate has always been mindful of the role people and relationships play in a distribution-intensive sector such as construction. Breathing people-centric motives, Fair Mate always ensures that it understands the needs of people instead of simply marketing its products to them. This motto has helped them remain successful across the globe. Bhavesh further adds, “Every employee is not just an employee but the owner of our company. Clearly, we are an ownership driven organization”. No wonder, the company holds long-standing associations with its employees, who have truly imbibed Fair Mate’s culture, vision and thoughts! 

Employees along with dealers, distributors and other stakeholders at Fair Mate undergo stringent training sessions in order to stay updated with the trends and advancements in the construction industry. Various experts from across the world are a major part of these training sessions who passionately share and gain knowledge about the industry’s nuances. Moreover, employees are provided with numerous benefits to uplift their personal lives as well.

Humble Beginnings

Fair Mate was established as the core vision and dream of its beloved Chairman – Baldev Nanalal Shah in the year 1982. The company kick started its business as a distributor of construction chemicals and eventually plunged into manufacturing and marketing of the same through its 18 manufacturing plants across the nation. Despite being a family-owned business, Fair Mate is currently run in the most professional manner by Rakesh Baldev Shah and Bhavesh Baldev Shah, who hold a combined experience of almost 70 years in the construction chemical industry. The main aim of the duo was to grow beyond the unorganized realm in the construction chemical industry and compete with international brands. To achieve this, Fair Mate has been seamlessly producing a swarm of top-notch products with Indian values and Western quality and consistency. The company also owns strong tie-ups with various organizations, which gives them the ability to produce any product in the world at its Indian manufacturing plants in no time for its customers.

Rakesh Baldev Shah, Managing Director, Fair Mate, asserts, “Regarding innovations, we are working towards achieving a certification called DSIR from the Central Government which would help us in our R&D endeavours. This will make us stay at par with any multinational company across the world. Besides Bhavesh and I, the second generation of our family – Parth Shah, Varun Shah, Nandan Shah and Jeevnesh Shah, have been collectively working together to take Fair Mate to newer heights. Regarding our products, we perform backward integration of manufacturing raw materials at our own plants in India instead of importing them, which bestows our products with huge acceptance rates from our customers. We take pride in having provided the majority of construction chemicals for the prestigious construction project of Polavaram Dam. We were also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Record for the largest concrete poured in 24 hours wherein 95% of the admixture used was from Fair Mate”.

While the short-term goal is to reach out to as many construction projects as possible with the existing infrastructure, the long-term goal is to spread across 50 countries in the world, in line with this we aim to start our commercial operations in Russia and USA this December and also strengthen our operations across various African countries.” In a nutshell, the best part of the company is that the third generation has already joined the business, which leaves its customers rest assured about the quality of its products and services. Speaking about the future plans of Fair Mate, Shah brothers concludes, “Our aim is to have at least two manufacturing plants in every state of our country so that we are easily available for our customers, thus providing affordable pricing for them. On the international front, we have already etched our presence in many parts of the world while aiming to enhance it across multiple continents too in the coming 5 years”.