Carrying 25 plus years of legacy and embracing the modernity of 2023, Adora Coatings is perfect blend of experience and freshness in coating business. It is undoubtedly a leader in providing exclusive customized textures for all types of surfaces. With their forte in 100 percent customization, Adora Coatings has been working with leading architects and interior designers since 1996, providing them with complete end-to-end solutions for niche and exclusive residential projects. Their flexibility in providing customized finishes for any surface, whether it be walls, ceilings, table tops, floors, metals, wood furniture, or any other surface, makes them a unique player in this field.

The Evolution

Adora Coatings has come a long way since their inception in the mid-90s, collaborating with several foreign firms and introducing new textures to the Indian market. They have evolved to become distributors of Cap Arreghini’s products in India, which is a leading paint manufacturer from Italy. The company is also retailing higher-end paints with low VOC, which has earned them an A plus rating from the European Union for green products. Additionally, the company has been involved in several prestigious projects, including the design of Microsoft Office in Mumbai, which was awarded Asia's Best Office Space in 2016-17.

The team highlights, “We are representing CAP Arreghini SpA, a 60-year-old paint manufacturing company from Italy, present in over 28 countries. We have over 28 LEED PRODUCTS that give great attention to technological innovation and solutions that offer high performance with particular regard to environmental issues. The VOC Certificates are available for the entire range of products. The products are 100% Made in Italy, a value that expresses excellent commitment to the whole production cycle and its complexities. Confident of its several decades of experience and advanced know-how, CAP Arreghini is efficient and organized with a leading position within the color market in the Architecture & Decorative areas offering valid solutions, that blend tradition with a strong culture of color and a clear vision of the future. Together, with CAP Arreghini we want to change the face of the paint industry by introducing environmentally conscious products.”

Further adds, “For over two decades, we have collaborated closely with prominent architects, builders and homeowners. Our company was at the forefront of bringing coarse textures for external facades to South India. In 2004, we expanded our portfolio by joining hands with Sterling and introducing bespoke decorative finishes for interior spaces. Thanks to our extensive experience in turnkey projects, we have become experts in customised finishes for walls, ceilings, and floors both inside and outside buildings. Our proficiency in this area has become our forte over the years.”

Adora Coatings envisions achieving the bold statement of being responsibly premium, prioritizing health and aesthetics parallelly, and advocating only clean and green products with undeniable opulence. This philosophy sets them apart from their competitors, as they aim to provide green solutions.

A Step Ahead

Leveraging technology, Adora Coatings has implemented sophisticated Italian tinting software, which allow them to prepare the desired shades with the help of computer systems and Tinting machines. This technology has helped Adora Coatings achieve the right shades and the desired quantity accurately, making their products stand out in the market.

Adora Coatings' uniqueness comes from their vision of providing exclusive and environmentally friendly texture solutions to their customers. They stand out from the rest of the market in this field due to their significant involvement in customization. Unlike others, Adora Coatings intervenes in colours, textures, styles, and designs based on architects' inputs, creating unique finishes for each project.

The company maintains the level of creativity and uniqueness in all their projects through their research and development centre. The team experiment with different types of patterns and color combinations that set the right tone for each project, ensuring that their products stand out from the rest of the players in the market.

Adora Coatings is constantly evolving, adding different kinds of products, and taking up new distributorships. Their evolution has been driven by their commitment to providing their customers with unique, customized, and sustainable texture solutions. Adora Coatings' transformation over the years has made them the leader in this field, providing unparalleled texture solutions to architects and interior designers in India. Adora Coatings has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The Headship

Adora Coatings is led by a team of passionate and talented individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Ruchiashutosh Mehraa is the principal designer and co-owner of Adora Coatings. She graduated in fashion design and having an eye for colour visualisation. She joined Adora Coatings and introduced a new trend of customised decorative finishes for all kinds of surfaces in the Indian market. Ruchi believes that each space has its own soul and personality, and her years of experience in the texture world guide her in interpreting the spirit and value of any project. She strongly believes that ethics, hard work and sincerity are key in any business.

Ashutosh Mehraa is the Managing Partner of Adora Coatings. With an MBA in Finance, Ashutosh has over two decades of experience in the Decorative Paints industry. He is one of the first to introduce handcrafted textures and concrete floorings. Both the partners have mastered the art of bringing the visualisation of clients to reality.

"Our forte is 100 percent customization."