"Customer is King" is an age-old business mantra that emphasizes the importance of customers and consumers in every business. While this mantra has existed for a long time in the business world, not many businesses are really able to implement it in spirit. ‘Jewell’ a brand of Ozell Cooner Paint, takes pride in being one of the few business brands that has this mantra as their guiding principle in establishing the business and spreading its wings as a trusted brand.

The Inception

The ‘Jewell’ a brand of Ozell Cooner Paints, was started in 2013 by two young entrepreneurs and friends, namely Nitin Jain and Kashish Kharakia. Both came into this industry with a vision to build an innovation and technology-driven paint company. Till today they live by the wise words, "Find your passion, follow your niche, and follow through." - Nicholas Flanders.

The initial journey entailed strong market research and in-depth demand-gap analysis of consumer behaviors. They identified that Indian consumers were becoming more learned and conscious of the products they were utilizing and with the rise of the digital era, they had started exploring global trends and wanted manufacturers to deliver in line with these global standards. After a tireless journey to various parts of the country, exploring the requirements, and understanding the intricate details of the upcoming shift in the paint industry, these two young minds decided to provide the solution to the consumer pain points under the brand name "Jewell Paints."

Within no time after the launch of "Jewell," the brand was well-accepted by the market and carved a position for itself as a niche brand in the Indian paint coating industry. Jewell was soon recognized as a premium surface coating solution provider.

The Portfolio: Destinations/Service Points & Products

After observing the promising response from the market, the business launched their first depot in Punjab in 2014. The positive receptivity of the product empowered them to quickly come up with 11 new depots within 11 different states within a short span of just two years so as to cater to the increased demand for its products. With the quick and positive acceptance in the market and to cater to the growing sales for its products, the promoters decided to take the next giant leap in their journey by inaugurating two factories in Sampla (Haryana) and an undercoat (putty) factory in Alwar (Rajasthan) in 2017.

As we speak today, Jewell Paints is headquartered in Delhi, having a presence in more than twenty-one states and union territories with a 2000+ strong dealer network. Nevertheless, it has got four dedicated manufacturing units for processing emulsions, wood-coating, enamels, undercoats, and putty. The plants give the brand a combined production capacity for producing 73 Megalitre in volume and 1000 Cr in value on an annual basis.

Ozell Cooner offers a wide range of products, including decorative water-based paint, decorative solvent-based paint, undercoats, acrylic putty, primers, topcoats, and wood coating. The company offers various categories and ranges in its product line to cater to different budgets and needs. The brand today has got 100+ products within its decorative paints and wood-coating arsenal and continues to give its consumers a world-class painting experience through their innovative and quality product offerings.

Future Plans

Thanks to our customers and consumers, today Jewell Paints is recognized as a renowned and respected name in the Indian paint coating industry. The brand continues its onward progressive journey and expansion with its core value and belief that 'A satisfied customer is our brand ambassador.' To stay in line with this value, Jewell keeps up with the changing demand trends and requirements of its customers and prioritizes the evolution and development of its products in line with market requests. The emphasis continues to be adding a pinch of magic to the consumer's painting experience.

Ozell Cooner's vision is to become the leading surface coating company in India, setting a benchmark for top-quality products in the market. The brand strives to establish itself as synonymous with quality and excellence by sourcing the best raw materials and utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure unbeatable value for customers. With immediate goals to increase market share and introduce new products to fill gaps in the market, the company is adapting to the shift in buying patterns due to COVID-19. Recognizing that customers are more interested in economical paints, the brand is working on developing products that offer the benefits and quality of premium products at an affordable price.

In line with its commitment to the environment, the brand sources paints from European and American markets that meet stringent environmental standards. The company's products are low in VOC and environmentally friendly, and it strives to minimize the use of high-emission raw materials. The brand's in-house R&D team works to eliminate harmful chemicals from its paints and continually develops new, environmentally friendly products. With a soon-to-be-launched Zero VOC paint, the brand sets itself apart from other companies and showcases its deep concern for the environment. The brand remains committed to delivering innovative and sustainable products that are the best in the market.