Today’s business leaders need to rethink and re-engineer their processes & products and adapt to more sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Failing to comprehend may result in a catastrophic impact of climate change on the world. Now is the time to act, for real. Very few stalwarts have already begun to come forward to increase awareness and make natural products a sensation. Starting this revolution right from baby care products, Pooja Reddy Vootkuri laid the foundation of Bhoomi & Co. With the same love and care of a mother, Bhoomi & Co is a brand full of goodness - an Organic, Natural, Sustainable, Cruelty-free Company. 

"Going green is no more a social choice; it's the need of the hour!” remarks Pooja, “We at Bhoomi believe that even the smallest choices you make today as a parent can have a long-lasting impact on your baby and the environment.”

The Inspiration

Great ideas come from keen observations and experiences. “Bhoomi & Co” is one such disruptive idea that emerged out of Pooja Reddy Vootkuri’s observations on the failing environment. Since childhood, Pooja always loved living life the ethical way. Switching to eco-friendly and sustainable products whenever possible has been her second nature. She realized that we use 2500 disposable nappies for babies in their first year; which alone fills the landfills for up to 500 years! Laced with chemicals, these diapers pose a threat to humans and environmental sustainability, remaining in landfills without disintegrating for hundreds of years. This was the wake-up call! In her encounters, she figured out that this gap is crucial to be addressed and that marked the start of Bhoomi. “Bhoomi means “Mother Earth” and the brand was born with the vision to bring forward products that will do right by Mothers and Mother Earth,” the founder asserts.

Pooja set her sight on using Bamboo for contriving eco-friendly diapers because it is highly sustainable, non-toxic, 100 percent biodegradable and the fastest growing plant easily available in the country. She says, "The sole objective of our endeavours has been to fabricate the finest alternatives using this miraculous plant. However, the quality in all aspects comes with a price; which is why our prices may seem premium to many but the benefits that come with using Bamboo-based products overshadow the price point.”

Care that Comes with Responsibility for the Mother Earth

Speaking of the company’s purpose, Pooja highlights, “With Bhoomi, we are trying to provide better alternatives for parents and babies by moving towards green sustainability. Bhoomi diapers are 100 percent plastic-free and biodegradable in natural conditions since they are made from natural resources such as bamboo, and other sustainable resources. We have so far sold over 4 lakh diapers sold in the last 4 years. Moreover, our products are safe on the babies’ skin that are free of chemicals preventing rashes.”

Bhoomi ensures the best care for little ones by deploying the best quality of products, materials, and workmanship. Made from the most absorbent natural fabric, its unique feel-dry fabric ensures the baby doesn't feel any wetness. “Every decision we make as a brand – starting from the ingredients we choose to our certifications and packing materials is focused on the development of sustainable solutions. We hope this is just the baby steps to make the world a better place,” the company claims.

The founder informs, “Our products are not biodegradable for namesake, we are certified and also our enthusiastic customers have tried and tested several ways of degrading the diapers. The best so far was the product being eaten up by maggots within four days when put in a compost pot.”

The Journey and Future Plans

Founded in 2018, Bhoomi has strived hard to establish its presence in the market amidst the pandemic thump encountered within a year. However, today the company has defined a niche for itself in the online retail space with a loyal customer base. The company is available online on multiple platforms including its website and delivers across the country. While the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of the products comes second, customers prefer Bhoomi first for the health benefits offered by the company. “Our diapers are known to prevent rashes, redness, and darkening of the skin. It is Bamboo’s natural property to retain as much water as possible, and so do our products made out of it. I am proud to share that this not only helps with skin issues but also helps with preventing UTIs in baby girls,” she shares.

In the next year, the company envisions launching new products such as a women's sanitary pad and a baby clothing line. In the long term, the brand looks forward to becoming an integrated Bamboo products provider of everything such as toys, drinking straws, food containers, disposable plates, spoons, forks, bowls, cups, glasses, and more.

"It’s my dream to not only provide these hygiene products but also create a system and units where the used products can be properly collected and recycled.