The benefits of bamboo bath towels are undoubtedly plenty in number! Bamboo is highly durable, absorbent, softer, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal, and uses lesser water to grow. Realizing these unparalleled benefits of bamboo, Gurgaon based TrendBell plunged into the bamboo products manufacturing industry of India in 2020 with one core focus – “What matters to customers, matters to us”. The company conducted a thorough research and realized that there was a huge demand for bath linens made of special and organic fibres like bamboo in India. Breathing a deep-rooted culture of quality, innovation and sustainability, the company introduced ultra-soft and super absorbent bath towels to add luxury and comfort to people’s bath linen collection, thereby creating rejuvenating bathing experiences for them.

A Wide Product Range

Focusing on customer first approach, TrendBell ensures a wide assortment of colors, designs and sizes to cater to the needs and preferences of all age groups. Its product range includes bath towels, hand towels, guest towels, bath sheets, hotel towels, salon towels and beach towels. Pankaj Miglani, Founder, TrendBell, adds, “Our constant focus on innovation has helped us to emerge as a trendsetter in bath linen industry and be known worldwide with our unbeatable range of products, which includes Cotton, Bamboo, Zero Twist, Hydro, Egyptian Cotton, Supima, Organic and Cotton made in Africa”. In fact, the company not only makes sure of the authenticity of bamboo that is being deployed but also tries different counts and techniques to bring in new products every season to provide a wide variety of options for customers to choose from.

One of TrendBell’s best-selling products is Green Stix, which is made of fine quality bamboo fibre! Due to the attractive border design, colours, extra softness, and high absorbency, this product has been performing exceptionally well in the market and has witnessed top-notch demand with multiple satisfied and repeat customers. Most importantly, all towels of TrendBell promise quick absorption, smooth & fine texture, comfort to skin and fast colours, which portrays its constant efforts in delivering the right quality and luxury at competitive prices to its customers.

Core Vision

For the Indian market, TrendBell’s core vision is to provide premium towels with all international quality standards at affordable prices. Pankaj asserts, “After working for 20 years in the international textile industry especially bath linen, I realized that there are a very few quality options for Indian customers. Whereas customers in other countries especially western countries, enjoy the luxury of high-quality bath linens available in huge varieties”. For the international market, the company’s core vision is to provide top-notch towels in a very short lead time and sometimes immediately instead of making them wait for the traditional production time of 60-90 days.

In a nutshell, the main aim of the company is to provide sustainable and innovative products to its customers with the best-in-class quality along with best value for the cost. Pankaj articulates, “We want the customer to feel that we understand their needs and continuously evolve as per the market demands. Our target is to create a brand both available at all major high-end stores and e-Commerce platforms for a better market reach, thereby capturing an increased market share and increased shareholder value”.

Regarding the work culture at TrendBell, it believes in creating an employee-first culture, and engaging in open, honest and empathy-driven conversations with everyone. The company encourages its people to enhance their personal and professional growth in alignment with the organization’s growth. Standing as their all-time mentor and leader is Pankaj who leads by example in every thought and deed. Being the Founder and Owner of Trendbell, he wears many hats which makes him responsible for planning the business activities and charting its future.

Innovations Galore

Regarding innovations, the company audaciously and quickly works on market research and deploys different fibres, blends, counts, constructions, weights and special treatments during processing to create innovative products as per the current and future market demands. For the road ahead, TrendBell envisions extensive expansion not only in metros but also in Tier-II cities. With the penetration of internet and the rise in demand, the company is striving to etch its footprint in these cities. It further aims to build business relations not only with distributors for retail but also corporate and institutional suppliers.

Pankaj concludes, “Our expansion plans are not only for domestic market but also for the international market. We are consistently building a strong brand identity and the variety of products we offer, the sustainable fibre we use, and attractive packaging make us standout and differentiate from other brands”.