Victoria Beliaeva, Head of Business Development & PR

On one hand, the lightning-fast internet speed and the momentously evolving technology have propelled the mobile gaming space into a new era. On the other, with approximately 6.8 billion smartphone users, the industry is holding interesting opportunities; as it is not only attracting the Gen-Z population but also the entire sphere irrespective of age and gender.

In this flourishing mobile gaming industry, AppQuantum has emerged as global publisher of free-to-play mobile games, dedicated to empowering talented developers around the world. Their mission revolves around providing comprehensive publishing services that optimize revenue, enabling developers to concentrate on creating games that ignite their passion.

Evolutionary Journey

AppQuantum was born out of Evgeny Maurus’ love for games and his background in influencer marketing. The company traces its roots back to 2013 when it was established as an influencer marketing agency. Over time, the company expanded its scope to include performance marketing. In 2017, after engaging with clients during DevGamm events, they recognized the challenges faced by indie game developers. This realization fueled their determination to provide the much-needed support.

Over the years, AppQuantum has achieved notable successes, with over 130 million game downloads and 20 successful projects. Their published titles, such as Gold and Goblins, Idle Evil Clicker, Idle Light City, and Dragon Champions, have garnered global recognition.

A Vision for Skilled Developers

Driven by a vision of a world where talented developers are free to focus on their passion, AppQuantum's is helping the developers with a comprehensive range of services for developers, encompassing user acquisition, worldwide publishing, ad mediation, marketing and product analytics, market intelligence and co-development, product expertise, and the renowned Business Acceleration Program that combines financial support with consulting expertise.

The team adds, “Business Acceleration Program is an exclusive opportunity is specifically designed for developers of free-to-play casual and mid-core mobile games. Participating developers stand to benefit from financial support of up to $1,000,000. But we understand that success takes more than just financial backing. Therefore, we supplement this support with expert guidance in vital areas like organizational processes, marketing strategies, analytics, and legal needs. AppQuantum constantly aims to advance the growth and innovation within the game industry, with a clear focus on enriching player experiences around the world.”

Excellence in All Dimensions

AppQuantum as a dedicated partner, strives to be more than a mere service provider, committed to accelerating the success of their developers. The company's market distinction is reinforced by its global developer support, extensive experience of 120 seasoned professionals, flexible work model, and market-leading predictive analytics. Trust is a core value for AppQuantum, demonstrated through their results-oriented approach and commitment to maximizing profits and benefits for developers. Their dedication, reliability, and transparent outcomes build trust and solidify partner relationships.

The team concludes, “We are actively working on various projects with different developers. Our immediate goals are to continue evolving and providing exceptional services to help developers create engaging games.”