Xpert Advisory is a renowned advisory service that aids start-ups, SME's, and innovative businesses in realising their full potential. As a professional consulting firm acknowledged by industry leaders, local authorities, and regulators, their name has become widely recognised in the region.

In addition to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the GCC, and the rest of the world, Xpert Advisory has assisted large multinational corporations, startups, freelancers, and small enterprises in setting up business.

When entrepreneurs and foreign businesses want to come and operate in this region, the staff at Xpert is skilled in offering complete company formation and restructuring services as well as Visa support. Xpert Advisory has created a niche to fill a significant market gap for a higher standard of professional corporate set-up services where they make sure that their clients are not hampered and can concentrate on expanding their businesses.  The company has done this in association with various Governmental and Non Governmental Entities.

Aim & Approach

By providing a solid business setup that supports the regulatory and operational needs, Xpert Advisory makes it simple for the clients to conduct business in this fast-paced, multi-cultural environment. Xpert is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and building dependable, lasting relationships with all of its clients. It was created to provide a straightforward and helpful service. At Xpert, they have helped and facilitated hundreds of businesses and individuals from a wide range of industrial categories to expand and thrive in the area.

Services Provided

Xpert Advisory provides a range of services starting from Government Liaison,VAT Accounting, PRO & Visa Service, Corporate Restructuring, Payroll & General Admin Services, Bank Account Opening,Accounting & Book-Keeping,Company Restructuring, Payroll & General Admin Services and Digital Marketing Solutions.

With a team of experts who are familiar with all the government and semi-government approving authorities' processes, Xpert Advisory offers a streamlined approach for obtaining government authority approvals. They specialise in obtaining official government approvals from all UAE authorities.They get approval on behalf of the clients and provide all the necessary paperwork for the authorities. Their own expert team members will deliver the best assistance and service because they are knowledgeable and experienced. The business consistently stays on schedule and meets deadlines.

When it comes to providing PRO and visa services, the team of skilled Consultants at Xpert Advisory guides the customers through the full process with as few touch points as possible from start to finish.

They handle everything, including preparing all of the paperwork for visa applications before the applicant even arrives in the country, submitting and collecting the paperwork to immigration, typing the medical ID and EID forms, helping with the medicals, collecting and submitting the medical and EID reports, and stamping the visa.

Customers at Xpert can get a full payroll solution from them. They can adjust their offers to the needs of the customer. There are several reasons why payroll services are outsourced, from lowering operational costs by subcontracting non-core tasks to preventing the sharing of sensitive data with internal staff.

The company's aim is to provide quick and customised setup options for its clients, minimise risks, maximise revenue, exceed potential, and expand clients' businesses.