ABC News, a Walt Disney subsidiary, reportedly fired a number of senior executives on Thursday. Their continuing reorganisation strategy includes this in an effort to reduce expenses and streamline operations. The action is a part of Disney's previously announced plan to cut 7,000 jobs from its whole workforce.

The layoffs have already started, and they are anticipated to have an impact on a number of Disney departments, including Marvel Entertainment, television production, and projects for next-generation storytelling.

Reuters claims that Kim Godwin, president of ABC News, informed personnel of the restructure and downsizing plan. Over time, around 50 jobs, including unfilled positions, will be terminated. Godwin admitted that the choice was challenging, but that it was essential to the company's long-term sustainability.

Senior executives have left as a result of the restructuring, including David Herndon, executive director, and chief of the Los Angeles bureau, Wendy Fisher, senior vice president of news gathering, Galen Gordon, senior vice president of talent, Alison Rudnick, vice president of corporate communications.

Disney stated earlier this week that it would start a round of layoffs to lower corporate expenses and increase free cash flow. There will be a loss of around 7,000 jobs in the first of three waves of layoffs. The three sets of layoffs will have an effect on ESPN, Disney's parks and resorts, and its media and distribution company. According to Disney, the firm would save $5.5 billion as a result of the employee losses, including $3 billion in content expenditures.