The AI that Microsoft has integrated into its Bing and Edge browsers is driven by the same advanced technology that OpenAI used to develop ChatGPT. Moreover, it can be found in smartphone apps, allowing speech contact with AI.

Bing Chat was once only a waitlist when it first started, but it is now freely accessible at and needs downloading the most recent version of Microsoft Edge.

There are two quick ways to access Bing Chat once you have the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. Just go to in the Edge browser and select the "chat" option. Moreover, you may access Bing Talk by just holding your cursor over the "Edge Copilot" or "Discover" button in the top-right corner of the sidebar.

This mode is compatible with the other Copilot features that will soon be added to the other Microsoft 365 programmes, including Word, PowerPoint, and others.

The business most recently included Bing Chat to Windows 11's search bar, which launches a chat window in Microsoft Edge right from your desktop.

Bing Chat is also accessible on mobile devices through Edge and the Bing app. This is also dependent on the rollout procedure, so it isn't always quicker. Consider this as an alternative method of getting to Bing Chat. You can use Bing Chat on a mobile device to ask questions and get spoken responses by speaking into the device. It's similar to having Bing Chat on a smart speaker, however you must tap the microphone button before speaking.

The functionality of Bing Chat is similar to that of ChatGPT. You can ask it anything, and it will understand and respond in regular human speech using an LLM (large language model).

But, Microsoft has also been gradually releasing Bing Chat features, and most of them are available to use now. The Edge Copilot function, in particular, adds more recommendations and improves the Bing Chat experience.

The chat option emphasises more casual language and offers numerous suggestions for the kinds of things you might ask. They comprise informational links, suggested follow-up questions, and features that are much more akin to those of a standard search engine.

The sidebar also has Compose and Insights in addition to chat. You can create text in a variety of styles and tones using the Compose tab. Five various tones, formats, and lengths are available to you, which expands the range of output that Bing Chat can deliver. For instance, you might create a formal email and paste it into your email programme, or you could create a quick blog post with a humorous tone. You can rapidly generate a fresh response if you don't like the first one.

The context for the webpage you're viewing is retrieved through the Insights tab. For instance, when you're shopping, it can pull news stories, comparisons, and reviews on the item you're considering.