Under the new leadership, Salesforce employees in the United States may experience another round of layoffs.

According to the reports, the management has established new sales goals that some might consider insurmountable. Many people believe that these are covert steps toward reducing the workforce, according to a worker.

It's important to remember that the company's top management was changed earlier this month. Marc Benioff, a firm co-founder, will take over as the next Chair and CEO of the software corporation after Vice Chair and CEO Bret Taylor announced his resignation.

In a statement, Taylor said, "After much thought, I've chosen to go back to my business roots."

The markets are not responding favourably to Salesforce's shift in management. A financial services and investment firm by the name of Baird last week rated the software company from 'OUTPERFORM' to 'NEUTRAL'. Due to this, the company's shares fell 0.5% during the trading session.

The departures at the top level are one of the primary causes of this downgrade, according to analysts at Baird.

Analysts noted in their study that the uptick in executive churn, which includes Bret Taylor, Stewart Butterfield, other Slack executives, and Gavin Patterson, is unexpected and may indicate execution risk.

The business has recently had financial difficulties. The stock was trading at $265.76 on December 13 of last year, and since then it has fallen 49.91%. In the previous trading session, the stock's closing price was $133.11.

In November, there had been a round of layoffs at Salesforce. Although the firm said that "less than a thousand people had been let go," Protocol alleged that 2,500 staff were laid off.