Adaptation of Technology and Innovation is an exclusive business clincher in the economics of sustainability. Business Institutions to Individuals scout variances to elevate their entrepreneurship on this platform

Focussing on Entrepreneur centric models based on Technology, and its innovation is a case study during unprecedented times. Every engagement churning revenue or economics of contributing to life’s sustainability for Business Institutions and Individuals is mentionable,

The focus will be on three aspects; Brick-and-Mortar, Broadcasting & Publication and Individual Innovative Specialization, keeping in mind the various opportunities that can be exploited or engagements of economic benefits

Brick and Mortar : Traditional businesses retained its core across business and market positioning with adaptation to technology. In businesses, technology stands as an integral part of an establishment’s fundamental equivalent to any business license in operation

Institutions have re-enforced infrastructural upgradations, modern equipment, skilled training programmes and incorporation, niche branding mythologies, enhanced their global reach or trade engagements and embossed their impression on Google Business

A click on any browser can identify nearest institutions or engage over new collaborations across the globe. Technology is taking the Brick and Mortar models across bigger virtual frontiers (variances in technology usage has been the key across industries, thus nothing specific has been mentioned)

Broadcasting & Publication, Digital sphere is streaming in innovative ways on our finger tips connected on devices. Artificial Intelligence has enforced its influence from taking a script from its traditional means to engaging online as an influencer

Artificial Intelligence has influenced the trends of broadcasting and publication from digital process to OTT platforms making connection with engagers over times of updations, information and others over Augmented and virtual Reality, processed form of publication in text and voice .

The bandwidth of innovation, and development continues to evolve and grow-over every new moon. The key take-away is various sustainability practices enforced in Broadcasting and Publication scenarios and engagements that stream the tool   ( areas around this segment are to vast to specify and suggest to browse platforms for specifications)

Individual Innovative Specialization ; Technology has been the biggest recruiter across the Globe.

Today, fame, innovation, specialization and other incorporations practices can be remonetized through technological tools across platforms in means of best practices

Engagements is never short on opportunities from a simple device within our palms to gadgets, reaping the benefits does not have any benchmark in terms of expertise or age-group or profession –

Innovation is open to everyone from content to moderation, platforms to tools. Online space is populated with variances from lifestyles, daily engagements, promotion – endorsements – cross marketing , streaming or broadcasting various aspects. (Sky is the limit across opportunities and areas, explore specifications and remunerate the economics of technology) The overall objective of the content to pave way as an eye-opener open opportunities in store and optimize the same in any aspect. All content is generic and open to any further detailing or one-on-one or direct discussion towards more insights.

About Author

George Nathaniel is The Managing Director & CEO of Akeria Software Solutions, with experience of over 23 Years in the Industry. Awarded the “Best Leader in Hospitality & Tourism Technology 2019”, followed by “Hospitality Super Star Award on the 14th Feb 2020”

Professional journey covers almost all major Certification in the Travel Tourism Hospitality Industry

His Organization, Akeria Software Solution has been recognized by CIO Review India as Emerging Company of the Year 2020 for Hospitality Tech Solutions

George Nathaniel is from  1996 – 97 batch at Institute of Modern Management, Kolkata (IIMM),covering over two decades in the largest Industry.

Some mentionable accreditation attained, IATA / UFTAA conducted by IATA, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, “Sales force Management Certification” at the CII- Suresh Neotia centre of Excellence and Leadership, Kolkata, The Accor Ambassador program, Gold Level from the British Airways Academy, The Heritage Segment, Major Destination specialists or Cruise Certification and many more mentionable certification & achievements in Travel Tourism Hospitality Industry,

​Leadership acumen to curate business establishments, formulate process on talent with innate abilities to build high-performance teams, infuse productive energy into the workplace and expertise in building business start-ups. all this apart from excellent continuously developing insights on Technology, Trends and Brandship

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