As an entrepreneur, my journey so far has been good. Self-confidence plays a very important role without which you cannot move an inch.
The first mantra is I have no-nos in my dictionary, I can't, I won't, I couldn't ……
My approach is why not? I can, I will …this is my confidence in my abilities, only weak and lazy people give excuses as to how they can't,won't, etc. If your thought process itself doubts your ability better don't even try to attempt, you will fail in any which case.
To be an entrepreneur one really needs a very high-level motivation that loads & loads of self-motivation. Not only being the captain of the ship one needs to carry his people across safely and productively . Always be a positive thinker. Sometimes there are situations, that may look end of the road as a problem but a positive thinker will look at it differently and will treat this as an opportunity to do something new what seems dead-end could give us a different direction it might be a bend, not the end.
For any business, you choose you to need to be very passionate about it, but not emotional because emotion does not help you make money. An entrepreneur literally eats & breathes only his business this will lead him to the path to success, mind you success is not a destination it's a journey.
Ethics is a primary rule an entrepreneur should follow and deliver with due diligence. One should have the ability to adapt to the emerging technologies. one needs to upskill and update to the growing industry needs and help in maintaining the ecosystem
"Manasa Vacha Karmana"
What you think you speak out and bring it into action.
These three should converge, and this will make sure you are treading on the right path .99% of people have brilliant ideas but they fail Because they do not execute
The winner is the one who implements, even if it fails at least you tried. When it comes to our employees we should reward their failure too, so that, in their next attempt he is motivated to give the right result.
Personal life & Professional life is like a train on the track it has to run parallel throughout and never should meet otherwise we tend to derail & lose direction.
Entrepreneurship itself means risk, a high amount of risks to be taken weighing the pro and con
As employers, as a leader, we are socially obligated to help others raise, need to empower the workforce with constant training be it technical, or creative, and constantly do things to keep their energy level in high spirits.
Ability to judge talent & nurture it, no person is born bad and the well only thing that should matter is his way of working his approach.
Lastly, I sum it up with my motto and I practice this …" Vidya dadhati vinyam "
Knowledge leads to humility, humility to reputation, reputation to Fame and fame to wealth, and wealth to joy by giving others.