The world is witnessing a healthy food revolution and has slowly come to realize that good food is the best medicine. Consumers now consciously check food labels and pay closer attention to the nature of their food from provenance to purchase. This desire to choose healthier alternatives has led to the rising popularity of organic foods.

We have especially seen a huge surge in demand for clean and healthy food brands post the pandemic. The demand for the immunity-boosting category has also grown tremendously, and we believe that the segment will remain strong this year.COVID-19 has forced consumers to change their relationship between nutrition and health. As a result, more and more Indians are consistently choosing organic food.

Organic farming has seen a drastic overall development in almost every crop type due to an increase in awareness of food security and environmental safety. Organic farming is a promising approach for environmental sustainability as it provides yield stability, improved soil health, and reduction in the use of synthesized fertilizers, resulting in zero chemical runoffs into our rivers and seas. It is centered around the idea that farming should be a part of Earth’s natural cycle. Organic farming doesn’t exploit the soil but enriches it, keeps microbes alive, protects biodiversity and allows the act of farming to be truly sustainable. 

Today, our environment requires more attention than ever before - and the best way to provide that is by changing the way we eat. By choosing to eat organic food we are saving our soil from pesticides that otherwise flow into streams, erode the earth’s topsoil, and result in the formation of wasteland.

Conscious Food curates products that are organically sourced and ECOCERT-credited. We employ agriculturists from across India to create a wholesome and nutritional food experience. We aim to promote organic (chemical-free) and natural (whole, unrefined, unadulterated) foods in order to keep the earth and its people healthy.  For instance, our bottle of Gir Cow Ghee is teeming with vitamins to support holistic health, our range of honeys are packed with antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. In a world that is becoming more connected, Conscious Food is here to remove the distance barriers between organic, minimally processed food and you - the conscious consumer.