Failure is probably one of the aspects in life which most people are afraid of, but the truth is that failure is inseparable from success. We conveniently forget that all successful people have failed, but they did not stop even after brutal failures. The road to success passes through failure, what people and world see is the end product of success and the recipe i.e. tireless efforts, eagerness to achieve desired goal and perseverance is often ignored.

Thomas Edison had made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing the incandescent light bulb. In the 1920s, a journalist asked Edison how it felt to fail 1000 times in his attempt to invent the incandescent light bulb and he replied, “I didn't fail 1000 times but it was an invention with 1000 steps’’. The above statement springs in a motivating message from one of the great inventor of all times— every failure should be considered as first step of achieving success. To achieve the desired goals in life, it would always inspire you to keep looking for better ways after every failure.

The only difference between success and failure is the attitude, the successful people have attitude of never giving up/fighting back, keep on trying again and again till they achieve the desired result. On the contrary, the people who fail lack the attitude of fighting back. A failure is ordinarily considered as one’s inability to meet one’s own expectation and standing up to the mark. It can bring negativity, depression or anxiety and as a result people can get demoralize. It devastates one’s confidence in oneself, also among peers. The family pressure also adds to the already existing troubles. All such thoughts creates a vacuum inside a person, it starts making them feel heavier and sinking inside their own thoughts.

In such difficult times, the support from family members and their unconditional love, faith and belief is what acts as a true medicine in oneself. Therefore, it is important to stay connected to the people who offer unconditional love and support.

Overcoming failure brings the best out of anyone and makes them better person from what they were before failure, it develops and evolves a person to put in more efforts so as to perform better, handle situations well, to have better decision making, to have better far slightness, which in turn helps in overall development of an individual.

Failure is necessary to understand the importance of success. Those who achieve their goals without failing even, they would never be able to appreciate the importance of success. Failure brings in the best out of an individual. One of the famous quotes by Indian Prime Minister while campaign his electoral campaign “Boy with golden spoon won't understand poverty: Modi”, which encourages everyone to work hard in life.

I end this article with a famous dialogue of Indian movie “Baazigar” which states-

Sometimes to win you must be prepared to lose ….and the one who ends up winning the end game is called a maverick.”

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I qualified CA in Nov’2014, CS in Dec’14 , M.Com in 2013 at the age of 22 and qualified Forensic Audit and IND-AS course as well. I have a diversified post qualification experience of round about 7 years. In my career initially I worked as a practicing Chartered accountant wherein I used to deal with various assignments of corporates, nationalised banks, due diligence for project funding. Other than this I have also worked in the corporate sector for Fortis Hospitals Ltd as Senior Accounts Officer and currently working with Sirca Paints Limited (listed entity) as their CFO. I have been selected as Top ten Women CFO in India by Women Entrepreneur India and selected as CFO of the year by Indian Achievers Award. Apart from this I have been actively involved in publishing with ICAI. I have been a part of the faculty members for conducting the Orientation, GMCS Programme for CA Students conducting by ICAI. I specialise in the ICAI ethics and code of conduct and have taken various seminars and study sessions on that. I take sessions in ICSI as faculty in their certificate courses.

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