A new technological evolution in the space of Music Education

India, October 6th 2021: Furtados Music, a brand who has always stood with music for decades, continues to spear head, through technology. Furtados School of Music (FSM), a pioneer in music education introduces one of its kind Music Buddy, an online assessment tool embedded with live teaching classes, to make the entire learning process fun-filled, offering a structured curriculum with the new tech support ‘Music Buddy.’

Music Buddy comes with an indulgent new way of teaching and learning for the teacher and student. It is not the regular practise which students already do at their home but is an online solution; it not only lets the students play / sing along the backing tracks and/or metronomes fed into the platform but also judges the students on how accurate they were. Most importantly, it is customised with FSM’s award winning curriculum. Music Buddy has been launched in partnership with Match My sound. FSM has taken advantage of the wonderful advancements in the field of technology. Considering the current pandemic, digital practices has changed the way we create, play, broadcast, and listen to music every fortnight; Furtados School of Music has been setting a trend in transforming the way we learn music.

Tanuja Gomes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Furtados School of Music said "Practice is the key for excelling in Music" We at Furtados School of Music have never stopped to create musical innovation and we are glad to introduce you to a tool which will allow our students to practice anytime, anywhere on most internet enabled devices with instant feedback & flexibility that has never been offered before. Parents can now measure and watch how student’s performance and learning improves.

Dharini Upadhyaya, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Furtados School of Music, said, "Music Buddy is a technology that will reshape music education and required advancement to the next step. Furtados School of Music has always been about improving the music space, providing a learning pedagogy which makes music education more engaging and inclusive, with the help of these technical upgrades, it is possible.” Parents will find this a great buddy, in motivating students to practise.

Music schools have indeed changed their entire operation to continue to carry out their mission and embrace distance learning, often without prior training in digital tools. The use of digital technology suddenly became necessary to ensure the continuity of music education and provoked teachers and students to discover and become aware of possibilities and limits of this alternative mode of musical teaching. Furtados School of Music is highlighting the difference between distance learning and the use of digital technology by providing learning situations. With ongoing transformations in musical practices, and in the pedagogical sphere in the digital age, FSM is enhancing digital uses in teaching and research issues on digital musical learning with Music Buddy to provide an exhilarating experience to all age groups.

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