Ujjain has always been known as a city of temples and monuments and over the years became a hub for exports of textiles and agricultural products. With the rising population within the city, challenges related to the sewage system rose as well. Thus, as a part of calculated planning the government representatives of Ujjain collaborated with Genrobotics to introduce Bandicoot,  the world first robotic scavenger to clean the manholes.

Genrobotics, a robotics company specialising in sewer and manhole cleaning, has revolutionised the process of manhole cleaning via advanced robotic technology. Bandicoot has made the city's manhole cleaning process fully automated, providing a safer and more efficient solution to the age-old problem of manhole cleaning.

Ujjain, the fifth-largest city in Madhya Pradesh by population, had been facing the challenge of cleaning its extensive sewage system for years. Compared to other municipal corporations of MP, Ujjain has a more extensive sewage system of around 15 to 20 thousand manholes according to officialdata. With the launch of Bandicoot robot the city's manhole cleaning process will be improved to a great extent. Robotic technology allows for athorough and faster cleaning process, enabling manholes to be cleaned in minutes compared to hours with traditional manual methods. The Bandicoot robot can perform all the tasks that a human would do during the cleaning process. Apart from Ujjain, Indore is the cleanest  city in India where five Bandicoots are currently operational.

The handover of Bandicoot robot was performed by Shri.Mukesh Tatkal, Mayor of  Ujjain, in the presence of Sri. Kriti Chouhan, SVM Additional Commissioner, Sri. Aditya Nagar, Additional Municipal Commissioner Ujjain, Shri P.C Yadav Executive Engineer and Shri.Vijay Goyal Assistant Engineer. On the launch occasion, Mr. Arun George, Director Genrobotics commented, "We are thrilled to introduce Bandicoot robots to Ujjain,to revolutionize the way manhole cleaning is done. Our innovative technology will not only improve the speed and efficiency of manhole cleaning but also eliminate the risk posed to the lives of sanitation workers involved in this hazardous task.”

Bandicoot with its human-like robotic arms, specially designed bucket system, and its sewerage and waterproof cameras can eliminate the requirements for human entry and offer an effective solution for manhole cleaning problem. Other cleaning techniques do exist, such as sucking and grabbing machines; however, sucking machines are unable to remove the pure solid wastes, while grabbing machines can only clean less than 20% of the area inside a manhole. Due to these drawbacks, these techniques have not been highly successful and this is where Bandicoot robots have become a game changer.

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