On Thursday, Twitter unveiled a new project that would allow a small group of the platform's content producers to share in the company's advertising revenue. Twitter will soon provide revenue sharing for advertising shown in responses in an effort to draw more content producers and give them possibilities to monetise their work.

Content producers must be verified users with at least 5 million post impressions over the previous three months in order to be eligible to participate in this programme. Additionally, in order to receive payments from Twitter, authors must have a Stripe payment account.

This action by Twitter is in line with its overarching objective to support content producers and give them ways to make a living off the network directly. Earlier this year, Twitter made it possible for individuals to charge for access to their material, giving producers a new source of income.

It's important to remember that Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who bought Twitter in October of last year, previously said the firm would give authors 100% of subscription income for the first year, minus payment gateway fees.

According to official statements from Twitter, content producers will also have the choice to join up for Creator Subscriptions independently in addition to ad income sharing.

At first, the nations where Stripe allows payments will determine if Creator Ads Revenue Sharing is accessible. An initial set of creators who will be invited to take money will be the first group to acquire this capability from Twitter.

Creators must meet specific criteria, such as being subscribed to Twitter Blue or Verified Organisations, and maintain a minimum of 5 million impressions on their posts in each of the previous three months, in order to be eligible for creator advertisements income sharing. They must furthermore pass a human review procedure that assesses their adherence to the Creator Monetization Standards.

Twitter will soon roll out an ad revenue sharing application system to simplify the application process. By navigating to the Monetization area of their account settings, creators will have the convenience of applying for both creator subscriptions and creator ads revenue sharing.