Amazon has fired some of its employees in the Pharmacy business unit in a new wave of layoffs. According to a CNBC story, a "small number" of employees at the Amazon Pharmacy business received their resignation letters. Amazon representative Brad Glasser reaffirmed this.

He confirmed that a small number of employees from the pharmacy section were fired. He told CNBC, “We have made the decision to adjust resources and a small number of roles have been eliminated on the Amazon Pharmacy Services team.”

Notably, a Semafor analysis found that during this wave of layoffs, Amazon dismissed 80 workers. According to the study, team heads and pharmacy technicians were among the laid-off workers, although registered pharmacists mostly escaped unaffected.

Since its inception in 2020, the Amazon Pharmacy segment has already experienced layoffs this year. As part of 18,000 job layoffs throughout the corporation in January, Amazon let go of programme managers, risk compliance managers, and billing managers. According to CNBC, staff who worked on Halo's health and fitness monitors as well as digital health solutions were also impacted by these layoffs.

According to Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, this year marked the company's biggest layoffs. Amazon has already cut 18,000 jobs this year. Following that, 9,000 more workers were also laid off . It was disclosed in May that 500 people from various companies and functions at Amazon had been fired in India. Affected employees worked for Amazon Web Services (AWS), human resources, and support departments.