Samer Gharaibeh, Founder and CEO

Over the last few years, the courier services market has not been able to keep up with the advancements in technology as well as the experience standards of customers due to limited visibility on the delivery schedule and inefficiency of delivery agents or drivers. It is here Mylerz outclasses as a last mile delivery company that combines unique technology, scalable infrastructure, and exceptional people/processes in the right way to offer unprecedented services, thereby resolving these problems in the market.

Samer Gharaibeh, Founder & CEO, Mylerz, articulates, “What Mylerz offers requires a combination of operational expertise and advanced technologies to keep up with the delivery time targets and excellent customer experiences, while also maintaining the margins and the ability to scale at the same time”. This perfect mix resulted in a first-of-its kind professional courier service with significant value to both merchants and end consumers.

Exceptional Services

Since inception, Mylerz has been deploying its own, state-of-the-art platform, fleet, and fulfilment centres, while being fully equipped with all the tools required to cater to the logistics of tomorrow. This in indeed to seamlessly render services that are merchant & consumer-centric, guarantee narrow delivery windows, and move the offline shopping experiences to customers’ doorstep.

Today, the company takes utmost pride in its last mile delivery, e-Commerce fulfilment, and logistics services with the highest delivery success rates in the industry, ranging from 91-99%, wherein the industry averaging is just 80%. In addition to next-day delivery services, Mylerz offers guaranteed same-day delivery within 2 to 8 hours, try & buy service, return service, exchange service, immediate cash refund service, and multi-payment methods including cash on delivery, credit card on delivery, mobile wallets on delivery, and the prepaid service.

All these services are backed by proprietary tech stack for merchants, drivers & operations, digitized operations, and APIs to connect with the customers to monitor deliveries real time and predict delays due to traffic or other issues. In fact, Mylerz deploys merchants’ dashboards to monitor delivery performance, and combined intelligence with data analytics to capture location resulting in higher success rates and reduced time to deliver. No wonder, the company has already achieved these milestones – Delivering 4 million packages in 3 years, expanding across 4 countries, serving over 1,000 merchants, operating 37 operation hubs, recruiting 1000 full-time employees, and safely handling $100m worth money via Cash on Delivery.  

Expansion Plans

This year, Mylerz aims to continue its expansions in North Africa and also plunge across Libya and Sudan markets. Samer adds, “Our short-term plan is to constantly empower our partners to the last mile by delivering integrated logistics solutions and relying on our people to guarantee a transparent, efficient, and high-quality Customer Experience”. By the end of 2025, Mylerz envisages becoming the partner of choice for integrated logistics services in and within the north & east of Africa, maintaining positive cashflow, and delivering 20 million parcels to customers.

"What Mylerz offers requires a combination of operational expertise and advanced technologies to keep up with the delivery time targets and excellent customer experiences!