Kursad Arman, Managing Partner

85% of the retailers across the world are still struggling to connect the dots of offline events with their digital marketing activities. Analysing this major pain point, VenueX came to a realization that there is a great opportunity in enabling offline, in-store data for retailers to search and list maps, and social media engines that will help them engage with customers searching nearby results.

Despite providing digital transformation solutions to retailers for 16+ years, VenueX plunged into the offline world to help retailers review, verify, and connect their locations, catalogues, inventories, and encrypted offline sales activities to various platforms. The company also understood the fact that activating in-store sales online offers tremendous opportunities as store visits have 10X revenue efficiency than e-Commerce visits, and the offline conversion ROAS of the local campaigns is 8X higher than online-only ads.

The company also gathers all required fields from all data partners to enhance retailers’ online visibility. Retailers do not need to keep a track of integrations or API & documentation changes across multiple platforms. The one and only VenueX integration connects retailers to all possible omnichannel solutions! While most platforms provide their own diagnostics to help retailers optimize their visibility, they may request new fields or give warnings about existing ones to retailers. Yet, VenueX ML platform combines all the necessary information and summarizes what needs to be done in the most efficient and effective way possible.

A One-Stop Merchant Platform!

Kürşad Arman, CEO, VenueX, asserts, “Our core vision is to enable offline shopping data accessible online to all retailers across the globe”. Offering innovative solutions under this realm makes VenueX the only one-stop shop for all its retailers. Besides, the company presents various brands in the market with a blended marketing strategy by combining online and offline touchpoints for an enhanced shopping experience and also making physical shopping just as convenient as e-Commerce. The diverse subject areas covered under the company’s excellence include Business Listing Management, Local Product Listing, and Offline Conversation & Attribution Engine.

Having started as a POI/indoor maps data provider, VenueX gradually embraced new solutions that helped its clients engage with online shoppers and understand how their online presence impacts offline sales. Today, the company takes utmost pride in being one of the data partners for Apple & Google and being accepted to Google’s AccelerateX program and Plug & Play’s Retail Batch.

By unveiling a flawless first phase of the product, the company currently aims to promote its value proposition to retailers abroad. In a year, it envisages developing products into a platform built upon the AI/ML learnings derived from business and in-store data, where brands can get deep analytics/insights and find digital campaign suggestions promising even better conversion rates. In a nutshell, VenueX dreams of being the “one-stop merchant platform” that meets all digital marketing needs of the retailers from any point of view.

VenueX helps retailers review, verify, and connect their locations, catalogues, inventories, and encrypted offline sales activities to various platforms