N.P. SHAH, Founder

NP Shah Architects and Engineers is a Mumbai-based Architectural, Structural, and Interior Design consultancy that prides itself on 50+ years of experience. Although there are many consultancies in the civil space, NP Shah stands out in its highly personalized, innovative, and budget-friendly solutions delivered with a striking turnaround time. So how does NP Shah manage to do this? The key lies in their working methodology, deeply rooted in the underlying principles of design and their personal interaction to clearly understand the needs and requirements as well as the dreams and desires of their clients.

Their design process starts with the client interaction. "We firmly believe that interacting directly interact with clients on all crucial issues helps us provide economic and innovative solutions with a quick turnaround time", said Mr. Nirav Shah, Principal Engineer at NP Shah Architects and Engineers. This interaction, focused solely on understanding their client's needs, enables them to develop a strong conceptual model of the functional requirements of the project. A design basis, highlighting the functional requirements is then prepared.

The project is then completed with an underlying focus on 4 key principles of design

  1. Strength: The structure's form is developed through multiple iterations to satisfy the functional requirements and abide by the statutory regulations and codes. Their iterative process ensures they arrive at an optimal, strong yet economical solution using expertise & experience coupled with the aid of state-of-the-art design software.
  2. Aesthetic: While strength remains a priority, NP Shah doesn't skimp on looks. Their architectural team devotes their creative minds and passion to ensure aesthetically appealing designs without compromising on functionality- A must-have to satisfy clients.
  3. Durability: The team has adopted stringent practices like rigorous checking of documents, using standard templates, and state of the art software to ensure quality standards of the highest norms. Holding durability in the highest regard, their design specifications are skillfully prepared to ensure structures remain in perfect condition throughout their design life, and sometimes even longer!
  4. Maintenance: Maintenance:
    While structural maintenance is considered by most designers, maintenance needed by machinery and equipment within structures is often overlooked. NP Shah makes provisions to to ensure both the structure and machinery within the structure can be safely and easily maintained right at the design phase of a structure.

Although their processes and principles are impressive, their team is where the magic happens. At NP Shah, you will find people of all ages. This was a conscious decision to ensure all their work displayed both the dynamism of youth and the experience of the seniors. NP Shah was founded over 50 years ago by a courageous entrepreneur, Mr. N.P. Shah thirteen years after graduating with accolades from Karnataka University. To ensure he remains adept with the industries latest innovations, Mr. Shah became a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers, UK.  A few years ago, Mr. Shah was also certified by the institute for completing 50 years of membership.

Mr. N.P Shah’s continuous passion for his work inspired his sons Mr. Nirav Shah (alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and member of the Institute of Structural Engineers, UK) and Mr. and Hemal Shah (alumnus of the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai) and his grand daughter Ms. Maitree Shah (alumnus of Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai) to follow in his footsteps and join him in his mission to delight clients through innovative and highly functional design delivered in the shortest possible turn-around time. Over the years, NP shah has grown from a small team of three to over 30 full-time employees. with a strong belief in symbiosis. "Our growth is linked with the growth of others. This thought energizes us daily and has reflected in our work", Insights Success was told by the team. If you're as inspired by them as we are, head over to www.npshah.com to learn more about them or write to them at support@npshah.com if you'd like to work with them.